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Sheep Fruit Snack

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We came up with this fun Sheep Fruit Snack today & this is going down as one of our favorite silly snacks we have ever created. My boys thought this was so cute & this takes just minutes to make! Also a great way to get the kids to eat something healthy for a afternoon snack.

Sheep Fruit Snack

1 Banana
Black Grapes
Green Grapes
1 Mini Marshmallow
1 Raisin

Start out by cutting a hand full of dark & green grapes in half using a knife…

Cut the banana into thing slices….

Place the green grapes on the bottom to look like grass. Then arrange the banana slices in a circle on top for the sheep. Add the black grape halves in the middle for the face & add 2 grape halves to the bottom for feet. We cut a mini marshmallow in half for the eyes & cut a raisin in half for the pupils. We also used 2 white sprinkles for the nose.

Here is a close up…

Such a easy a fun snack that the kids will love!!

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  1. Such a cute snack! Love it:) Have a great week.