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Gingerbread Boy & Girl Pancakes

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Gingerbread Boy & Girl Pancakes

We came up with these cute Gingerbread Boy & Girl Pancakes and they taste wonderful! We used pancake mix so these are very easy to make!

Gingerbread Boy & Girl Pancakes

2 Cups of Pancake Mix (We like Bisquik)
1/2 tsp. of ground dried Ginger
1 tsp. of Pumpkin Pie Spice
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1/2 T. of Molasses
1 Strawberry
Chocolate Chips
Whipped Cream Spray

Make the pancake mix according to the box directions. Then add in the spices & Molasses. Pour into a pan on low heat making 2 big circles for the body and head and 4 smaller oval shapes for the legs and arms. They do not have to be perfect…you can cut around the edges using kitchen scissors if you mess up. Place the pancake circles on a plate making the boy and/or girl. Cut a strawberry to make the mouth & bow tie. Spray on whipped cream spray to decorate and use chocolate chips for the face and buttons.

Here is our Gingerbread Boy Pancakes….

Gingerbread Boy Pancakes

Here is our Gingerbread Girl Pancakes…

Gingerbread Girl Pancakes

This is also a fun breakfast to let the kids help with and they can design their own Gingerbread Boy or Girl!

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Oh My Gosh! What a sweet way to start the day – soo cute!

Those are so cute! I've got to try them.

Too cute to eat!

Such a cute and delicious breakfast idea!

Hi there!!!! I LOVE this project. so cute!!! Your blog is great too. I'm hanna and I am your newest follower:) Nice meeting you:) Yo can find me any old time at

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! xoxoxoxo Hanna

Oh those are so cute. I'd love to make some for my nephew – he would just absolutely love them.


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