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Halloween Dracula Donuts

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We created these fun Halloween Dracula Donuts today & my boys got a huge kick out of these. These are so easy to make! All you do is add some marshmallows & icing to the top of your favorite doughnut.

Halloween Dracula Donuts


Halloween Dracula Donuts

1 Glazed Doughnut
Mini Marshmallows
Marshmallow Bits (Jet Puffed)
Chocolate Jimmies
Black Edible Marker
Chocolate Cookie Icing (Betty Crocker)
Red Gel (optional)

Start out by pressing on 4 marshmallow bits at the to of the donut hole. They will stick, but you can always secure with icing. Cut a mini marshmallow in half at a angle & press them on the sides for fangs. Cut the marshmallow bits in half & press on for the bottom teeth. Cut a marshmallow bit in half for the eyes & then press on a black edible marker for the pupil. Add chocolate jimmies for the eye brows & then squeeze on the chocolate icing for the hair. We also added a little red gel by the mouth to look like blood.

Here is a close up…

Halloween Dracula Donuts

Leave the red gel off & they will look like this…

Halloween Dracula Donuts

Close up….

Halloween Dracula Donuts

Here is my 8 year old with his Dracula Donut that he helped make!

Halloween Dracula Donuts

You can also add plastic vampire teeth and candy eyes to store bought or homemade donuts…

Halloween Monster Donuts

These are so great for class parties at school and SO easy to make!

Halloween Monster Donuts

So fun!

Halloween Monster DonutsYou can check out all of our other fun Halloween creations HERE!

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How cute!!

My son would love this! Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!


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