Good First Jobs For Young Teens 14 and 15-Years-Old

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From AMC Theaters to Winn-Dixie grocery stores, there are plenty of opportunities to find jobs for young teens that are 14 and 15 years old.

There are plenty of ways teenagers on the younger side can make money. Today we’re talking about getting a “real” job where they apply, get hired, and show up to work their shifts.

Good First Jobs For Young Teens 14 and 15-Years-Old

Jobs for Young Teens

If you have a kiddo at home who is in the middle of the teenager timeline, they might want a summer job. Honestly, even if they don’t want a part-time job, YOU may want them to have one!

“Back in the day,” most teenagers had some sort of job. From waiting tables to hauling hay, summers were a time to get busy and make a little money.

By law, the number of hours they can work is limited, as are the types of jobs. (See below) Additionally, some states require paperwork for young teens and their parents to complete. Look for your state here.

Businesses that hire young teenagers.

To find jobs for young teens that are near you, have your kiddo do a simple Google search. “Find jobs for 14-year-olds,” and “Find jobs for 15-year-olds” worked perfectly.

I instantly found oodles of jobs for kids 14 and 15 using those search phrases.

Here are the categories for the jobs I saw: Sitter, Nanny, Babysitter, Crew member, Team member, Caregiver, After school care provider, Counselors, Crewperson, Server, Attendant care, Tutor, Walker, and Grocery clerk.

Hip2Save shares a nice list of companies who will hire kids as young as 14-years-old. For example, AMC hires usher and concession workers 14 and up. Brusters Ice Cream, Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, Burger King and more.

Kroger hire baggers, as does Winn-Dixie. McDonald’s hires crew members starting at 14, and Taco Bell does, too.

Types of jobs for young teens.


Camp counselor


Grocery Bagger


Movie usher

Jobs that 14- and 15-year-old kids cannot do:




Any work in or near the boiler or engine rooms.

Cleaning kitchen equipment.

Power-driven machinery jobs.

Operating a motor vehicle.

Any job involving ladders or scaffolds.

There is an exhaustive list of jobs that young teens are not legally allowed to do on The Employment Law Handbook. 

What having a job will teach your teenager.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. If your teen asks you for money more often than they ask for anything else, they could really learn a lot by working a job. They’ll finally see how long their money lasts in comparison to how long it took them to earn it.

Work ethic. When parents don’t want to go to work they get up and do it anyway. There is no better way to teach a good work ethic to your teenager than to have them actually work.

They’ll have to show up on time, work as hard as the job requires, be pleasant while they’re doing it, and stay until the end of the shift. If they don’t get up and go, they get to suffer the consequences.

Money management. Before they start their job, have a talk with them about creating a budget. This is the perfect time for parents to teach their kids a skill they’ll use the rest of their lives.

Respect. If they work with the public, they’ll get an education about respect pretty quickly.  And by the way, they may respect you more once they see how hard it is to have a job.

Future fond memories. We all remember our first jobs! We tell stories about them, brag about them, complain about them and look back at them through a nostalgic lens. Pushing your kids toward teen employment is a gift they’ll appreciate when they’re all grown up.

Think your kid will want one of these jobs for young teens?

You have plenty to talk about with them before you decide together whether a job is the right path at this age. If you think it’s a good idea and they are turning up their noses, a gentle push to try new things might be in order.

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