Lady Builds DIY Stairlift For Her Rescue Dogs

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When you adopt a pet, they become part of the family. Find out how one lady decided to give her senior rescue dogs the best life possible. With a little inspiration, a little creativity, and a little elbow grease, this DIY Stairlift is the perfect way to help these precious pups get the most out of their lives.

Lady Builds DIY Stairlift For Her Rescue Dogs

Dogs are man’s and woman’s best friend. Once you adopt a dog, it is not family and just like family, you want him or her to be living the best life. When Sonya Karimi noticed that her 3 older rescued pugs, George, Bodhi, and Sam, were having trouble getting around, especially up and down the steps, she and her partner, Alex decided something had to be done.

They wanted to build the dogs a stairlift, like a doggie elevator or escalator. Since the family has been on quarantine, like everyone else and nothing but time on their hands, they decided to make it themselves. The project took 3 months, from start to finish, with the help of  Zach’s parents, who are retired engineers.

The design is simple. There is a wooden box with a door and the dogs go inside. After the door is closed, Sonya or Zach press a button and the box starts going up or down the stairs.

It is not just the older dogs who love the “Doggie-vator” the younger dog, Emery, loves to go for rides too. When the dogs are ready to go up or down, they wait for their turn at the top or the bottom of the stairs.

You have to check out how much these little pugs enjoy their lift. You can see the pups waiting for their turn and going for a ride in this fun video.

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