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Lay Flat Office Chair for Naps

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There is now a lay flat office chair to maximize your comfort while taking a nap at the office! This might seem a bit odd to do, especially in America. However, in many parts of the world—including Greece, the Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Nigeria—naps are seamlessly woven into the tapestry of everyday life. Taking taking a midday sleep increases productivity for the remainder of the work day.


Lay Flat Office Chair for Naps at the Office

This Japanese company has made an office chair that allows you to lay completely flat for you to take a nice and comfortable nap at work.  This awesome chair has an extendable leg rest and the back of the seat goes all the way down. The price is $271.00 US dollars, but you will have to navigate through the Japanese language on the website to purchase.

Lay Flat Office Chair for Naps at the Office

The Japanese even have a word for strategically sleeping on the job: “inemuri,” roughly translated to “sleeping while present.”

Something you might want to mention to your boss! Well, that’s if your boss has a good sense of humor.

Watch the chair in action…

Have any friends that need this chair?

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I should get these for my staff. 

Love to have the chair