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Little Red Riding Hood Breakfast

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Little Red Riding Hood Breakfast

I had fun in the kitchen this morning with my 2 year old. We thought it would be fun to make a girly breakfast since my older boys are at school and wouldn’t dare eat a girl breakfast!:) We came up with this Little Red Riding Hood Breakfast and think it turned out so cute!

Little Red Riding Hood Breakfast

Pancake Mix
2 Slices of Turkey bacon
2 Strawberries
Green Grapes
1 Raisin
1 Mini Wheat

Make you pancakes and shape a tree into a pan on low heat. Our tree looked crazy but we fixed it up by cutting off the edges using kitchen scissors. Cut green grapes in half to use for leaves and grass. We cut a large and smaller strawberry in half and placed the halves on a plate for Little Red Riding Hood. Cut the other pieces to make arms, legs, & her face. We cut 2 pieces of turkey bacon to make the wolf peeking around the tree. We cut pieces from the strawberry scraps to make his eyes and mouth. We cut the tips off of a raisin to make pupils for Red & the Wolf. We used a mini wheat for the basket.

My 2 year old has the look of…Mommy, I am not sure about eating this girl breakfast!:)

Little Red Riding Hood Breakfast

He loved it though. It’s not that hard to make…you should give it a try!:)

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Love it!! The wolf looks awesome! and I love how you used a mini wheat for her basket 🙂

How cute and attractive meal! How do you secure the grapes leaves so the can "stan up" & not rolling away?

You are just so stinkin' creative! I am impressed as usual! 🙂

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Beijos Márcia (Rio de Janeiro)

Super cute!! :o)

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I'm going out to buy supplies this weekend!

That fox is my favorite!! 🙂


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