Mac & Cheese Candy Canes and More!

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Lately, candy canes have come in all different flavors including berries, sour patch kids, and many more, along with the traditional peppermint flavor as well. However, now there are two new flavors that might be a little weird from some people. Would you try the pizza or mac & cheese candy cane flavors?

Mac and Cheese Candy Canes

via Archie McPhee

Pizza And Mac & Cheese Candy Canes

For some people, these flavors might seem too weird; however, to some, it might seem like cheesy goodness. People who love cheese flavored foods will be sure to love these as well!

These two candy cane flavors are sold in Archie McPhee, which is a Seattle novelty shop that sells different types of gag gifts and treats. What may have started out as a gag treat is now amazing people with how good they actually taste!

The pizza-flavored candy cane is actually pretty mild compared to other ones they sell including ketchup, kale, pickles, mac & cheese, bacon, shiitake mushroom, pho, and clam.

Pizza Candy Canes

via Archie McPhee

Endless Candy Cane Options

With flavors like these, they would make the perfect stocking stuffer or even a white elephant gift! The possibilities for these candy canes are endless! Gift them to your pho lover or prank your kids with a kale candy cane. You can even go as far as hosting a blind taste test party, wouldn’t that just be such fun?

You have to try at least one of these outrageous candy cane flavors this holiday. Who knows, you might actually like it and create a new family tradition to find ago unique candy cane flavor each year!

pizza candy cane flavors

via Archie McPhee

Where to Order

You can find the pizza and mac ‘n’ cheese candy cane flavors on and more unique flavors on Amazon! I’m thinking I will try the pickled flavored ones!

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