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Man Finds His Neighbor’s Kid on His Driveway

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Sometimes our neighbors bug us and get the best of us. Some we like but others we simply cannot get along with no matter what we try to do. One man found that his neighbor’s kid kept coming on his driveway each and every day. What he does after that is simply incredible.

Neighbor’s Kid on Driveway

This guy has a security camera outside overlooking his driveway. Each evening he would get a notification that something or someone was on his driveway. When he went out to look, he would see this kid riding his bike on his property every night. Even with his parents walking their dogs alongside of him, he still went on the driveway every day.

Instead of getting upset, this guy did something special for this little kid. He got some chalk and drew a racetrack on his driveway for this kid. When it rains, he will draw another new racetrack for this kid to enjoy.

The kid absolutely loves it! At first, it was hard for him to make the turns. But now, he has improved so much and is getting better and better every day!

This guy started to notice that other kids liked his driveway racetrack as well. More and more kids kept coming to ride their bikes on the track.

Now, this guy’s driveway is something for the entire neighborhood to enjoy.

Kindness Always Wins

This guy could have easily gotten upset, as I am sure it is annoying to get a notification every day from the security cameras. He could have yelled at the parents for not doing a good job of keeping this kid off of his driveway. However, this man chose kindness instead.

He chose to brighten this kid’s day, and each and every day since he started. And now, that has had a ripple effect as the entire neighborhood now enjoys his driveway racetrack.

Instead of getting upset next time, do what this man did when his neighbor’s kid kept coming on his driveway, choose kindness. This man is a great example and inspiration to us all! This world could always use a little more kindness right now.

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