Man Turned Attic Into Huge Closet for Wife

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Every woman wants to have a huge walk-in closet to fill with her beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories. However, one husband got his wife something even better. This man turned the unused attic into a huge closet for his wife.

Cabrera Family

The Cabrera family has an attic that was not being used. So, Rodolfo, the husband, decided to remodel it and turn it into a huge closet for his wife.

His daughter, Joserin, shared the transformation on her Twitter account. She shared a total of four pictures. One was the abandoned “before” attic. Another was the “in progress” along with two beautiful “after” pictures.

Rodolfo told House Beautiful that his wife and he needed more room for their clothes anyway. He went up to the attic and thought it was wasted space, so he decided to change that.

The Attic Closet Remodel

Rodolfo has been doing home remodels for the last 15 years and owns Maryland-based Remodeling & Design LLC. So he has had a lot of experience doing remodels.

It took him around three weeks to finish the project from start to finish. This project cost around $25,000-$30,000 to complete as well.

First, he had to clean everything out. Then, along with his team, he worked on the framing and the electrical. The drywall and plaster came next followed by a beautiful ceiling with recessed LED lights.

The hardest part for Rodolfo were the stairs because they could only be attached to one wall, they had to make sure they were secure and supported enough.

They also installed built-in shelves and moved furniture from the master bedroom into this closet to make it more special. He even put in an AC unit to keep it cool.

Would you love a closet like this? I know I would for sure! This man turned his attic into a huge closet for his wife, and now I want my husband to do the same for me! It is absolutely gorgeous!

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