Marshmallow Shooters!

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These Marshmallow Shooters are such a fun summer activity the kids will love! My boys had a blast attacking each other and their friends with marshmallows. They also take just a few minutes too make!

Marshmallow Shooters...a fun summer craft and activity the kids will love from Smart School House Crafts for Kids!
Smart School House Crafts for Kids Review!

We were very excited to get Kelly Dixon’s new book Smart School House Crafts for Kids! We have already made several of her craft ideas, but just getting around to posting one of them to share with you today. This fun book is full of fantastic kids craft ideas that are easy to make.

Marshmallow Shooters


  • Balloons
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Cake Pop Containers
  • Mini Marshmallows


1. Tie the end of an empty balloon into a knot.
2. Cut the balloon in half
3. Remove the lid and the stick from a cake pop container
4. Place the tied end of the balloon over the cake pop container.
5. Place a mini marshmallos down into the cake pop container where the stick normally goes.
6. With one hand on the cake pop container and one hand on the balloon tie, pull back on the balloon tie and quickly let it go, launching the mini marshmallow into the air.

My 4 year old was taking his marshmallow shooting pretty seriously as you can see…

Marshmallow Shooters

These are so simple for the kids to make themselves…

Marshmallow Shooters

The marshmallow stand off…

Marshmallow Shooters

This little guy realized what he was shooting and decided to eat them instead! 🙂

Marshmallow Shooters

Hours and hours of creative fun and we give this book 2 BIG thumbs up…you are going to love it!

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