Mickey Mouse Quesadilla & Disney!

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Mickey Mouse Quesadilla

We just got back from Disney and had the best time! We spent Thanksgiving day at Magic Kingdom. Really busy, but great weather! We have made lots of Disney fun food in the past, but were inspired to make Mickey Mouse for dinner one night early last week after packing for our Disney trip. We made Mickey Mouse Quesadilla’s! My boys loved it and it’s also great way to load them up on black beans!:)

Mickey Mouse Quesadilla

2 Tortilla’s (we like Ortega)
Black Beans
Brown Rice
Shredded Cheese

We sprinkled cheese and brown rice in between the 2 tortillas and then microwaved for 1 minute. We cooked our black beans and they decorated the face. We cut some of the black beans in half using kitchen scissors for the sides of the mouth. We left a opening in the mouth and added salsa to look like his tongue.

Really easy and the kids can have fun making their own Mickeydilla!

Here we are in front of the Disney Castle!

Disney Castle

The best moment for me was seeing my 2 year old meet Buzz Lightyear! He looks a little concerned in this picture, but was so excited to see him and gave him lots of hugs!

Buzz Lightyear

We love Disney and hope to go back again very soon!

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