Science Says Moms Need Massages

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Moms need massages on the regular. Science promises that we’ll be a lot less prone to screaming into a pillow because the toddler flushed a stuffed animal than we would otherwise.

As moms, we’ve got to learn to be good to ourselves. Why is it so hard to treat ourselves at least as kindly as we treat others? Moms need to understand that being kind and loving to our own bodies and minds positively affects our family lives at least as much as it affects us. Depression and crying kiddos make for a woman who is at her wit’s end.

Studies Show that Moms Need Massages

Shout it From the Rooftops: Moms Need Massages!

Humans used to spend their days running from hungry hyenas and lions who saw them as lunch. Can you imagine? “Honey, I’m going to look for berries for the kid’s lunch. If I’m not back in an hour, a hyena ate me. Love you!”

To give us a fighting chance, literally, we had the ability to get the heck outta Dodge with only a moment’s notice. Flight or fight would take over and in an instance, our ancestors could make a decision as to whether they would stand their ground and battle it out. I personally believe my ancient relatives preferred the flight response because that’s how I handle spiders.

It worked then. It works now when we need it to. Unfortunately, it also works when we don’t need it to. Moms (and everyone else) can find themselves in an almost perpetual state of fight or flight and it makes us a hot mess. That’s where the magic of massage comes in.

Okay, so Moms need massages. But, what does a massage actually do?

The first word you think of when you imagine getting a massage is probably relaxing. The weird, wonderful soft music that we only hear when we’re getting a massage. The smell of rich oils and scented candles. The masseuse who hopefully doesn’t talk to you the entire time. Relaxing.

But, there’s so much more to it. Massage actually increases serotonin and dopamine, those delightful feel-good hormones that we wish we could experience all day, every day. That’s why you feel so relaxed and chill after a nice, long massage.

Let’s not forget all the endorphins a massage helps release because that’s the really good stuff. From pain relief to a happy mood, endorphins are the rockstars among hormones. That feeling after you laugh so hard you almost shoot coffee out of your nose? Thanks, endorphins.

It’s unhealthy to experience the flight or fight response every minute of every day, or you’ll be sick and grumpy and your kids will be forced to experience that same negative reaction. You control the weather in your home, which is why they say ‘if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.‘ If you’re storming because your stress level is so high, everyone else in the house is dodging the lightning and hiding from the thunder booms.

Don’t be the hyena in your family.

If you don’t want your kids to internalize your stress and frustration, you have to get rid of it in your own body. One of the best ways to do that is to get an hour-long massage.

It’s not selfish! It’s not frivolous! Think of it as mom maintenance.

You can’t run from the hyena that is dentist bill or fight the lion hiding in the grocery store checkout lane who is writing a check. You can’t. And besides, we asked and the world said they would much rather you get a massage.

Do the right thing.

Call and schedule a massage right now. If you can’t afford one, or if you’re a thrifty soul, call a massage therapy school in your area and ask about getting a massage from someone in training. You can look for a massage school near you using this site. 

Tell me about YOU. Do you regularly get massages, or do you feel like it’s a splurge? Why do you get massages, or why not?

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