Morning Monkey Pancakes for Breakfast!

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Monkey Pancakes with a Banana for Breakfast

We made this monkey breakfast using regular & chocolate pancakes, chocolate chips, and 1 banana.

Make your favorite pancake mix. Separate half of it and mix in a little cocoa. We added half a tablespoon to 1 cup of pancake mix. Make the big face with the chocolate mix. Make smaller circles for the ears and nose with the regular pancake mix. You can always cut it with kitchen scissors if it’s not perfect. After you place your monkey on the plate…add the chocolate chips for the eyes, nose and mouth. We used mini chocolate chips for the nose and mouth. We used regular chocolate chips for the eyes. Add your banana.

This is so easy and fun! Give the kids the chocolate chips and let them decorate the face! That’s if they can keep from eating it first!

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15 comments on “Morning Monkey Pancakes for Breakfast!”

  1. Diana Robinson

    Omg this is too cute ๐Ÿ˜€ I can't wait till my girls are old enough to appreciate a fun meal like this. Thank you for sharing

  2. i think i just stalked your blog for an hour…everything is so fun!!!! you are so creative!
    i am so excited for my boy to get bigger and make him fun snacks. i bet you guys have a blast!!!
    im a new follower here!!!
    thanks for all the inspiration!
    i cant wait to see what other things you guys think of!!


  3. Beverly @ The Buzz

    that is so cute! my grandchildren love pancakes and this would be a wonderful surprise for them. thanks for sharing!

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