Noah’s Ark Breakfast

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Noah's Ark Breakfast

I had fun with my 9 year old this morning making this Noah’s Ark Breakfast for my 2 year old. We wanted to teach him about the story of Noah & we love doing that through fun food! He loved it & this is so simple to make!

Noah’s Ark Breakfast

Pancake Mix
Assorted Fruit (we used Strawberries, Blueberries, Kiwi, & Pineapple)
2 Marshmallow Bits
4 Mini Chocolate Chips

Start out by making a large round pancake in a pan over low heat with your pancake mix. Then cut out the ark shape using kitchen scissors. Use assorted fruit that you have on hand to make a rainbow. We used blueberries for the water. We cut out a door for the ark using pancake scraps. We cut 1 marshmallow bit in half to make wings for the dove. We also made little eyes on the dove with a edible black marker. We made the branch by cutting a piece of a stem from a strawberry. We used mini chocolate chips for the windows.

Here is a close up of the marshmallow dove….

Here is a close up of the marshmallow dove

My 2 year old really loved his breakfast this morning & got to learn a awesome Bible story!:)

Noah's Ark Breakfast

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