Big Butt? Science Says Good For You!

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Are you a mom with a big butt? The University of Oxford says good for you and good for your kid’s brains! You have loads of Omega-3 fatty acids and that means your kiddos might actually be smarter because of your body shape.

I wish moms always felt really good about their bodies. Growing a baby and then giving birth to that child is straight up superhero level kind of amazing. There should be a new Marvel hero called Pregnant Mom. She’d come with two action figures – naturally.

I’d buy a ticket to watch a movie where a perfectly normal woman starts off with a flat belly and then turns it into an adorable, small, fully formed, human baby. Oh, wait…I’ve already bought that ticket. I have the kids to prove it.

Big Butt? Science Says Good For You With Omega-3!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids (the good fatty acids) promote the development of our brains and how they work. When a woman has a big butt, she stores more of the Omega-3s.

See where we’re going with this? Your derriere plays a super important role in making smart kids.

“Evidence shows that the fat content in a mother’s breast milk comes from her lower half of the body, which includes her thighs, buttocks, etc. This means that the high amount of Omega-3’s becomes a part of the baby’s balanced breakfast.” – (source)

The Impact of Omega-3

Your baby will have:

Higher intelligence
Better communication and social skills
Fewer behavioral problems
Decreased risk of developmental delay
Decreased risk of ADHD, autism and cerebral palsy  (source)

Big butts attract men, but maybe not for the reasons you think.

The storage of Omega-3 fatty acids is actually the (evolutionary) reason that women with ample behinds may be very desirable to men.

“The high amount of Omega 3 storage could be the reason why fat-bottomed women seem attractive to men because it becomes an evolutionary way of ensuring successful children. In the words of a common man; the reason why J. Lo seems so hot to men, is because men have a biological imperative to produce intelligent offspring.” – Science Daily

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now. According to the size of my Omega-3 fatty acid storage area, my kids will turn out to be the smartest people in my state.

The Shape of a Mom

Why don’t women celebrate their physical ability to carry children and let go of the false narrative that they need to look like a Kardashian after having a child?

If you have a big butt, or big boobs, or a stomach that never quite went back to pre-baby shape, who cares? Are you a good mom? Are your kids learning and thriving and growing? That’s what matters.

Maybe it would be worth taking a minute once in a while to try to see yourself through your child’s eyes.

Your kids think you’re smart and brave and that you will fiercely protect them no matter what. All the things you can do as a mom is nothing short of sheer magic to your children.

It should be nothing short of magic to everyone. 

Your physical shape doesn’t change who you are as a mom or what kind of parent you are. And now we know, thanks to science, that your shapely fanny might actually be a really, really good thing. Go you!

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