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One Woman Shares Why You Shouldn’t Smash a Cake Into Someone’s Face Ever Again

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Have you ever been to a party where the birthday girl or boy gets a cake smashed into their face? 

Thankfully this has never happened to me and I honestly don’t even know why it’s a tradition. 

One woman shared why it is not a very good tradition and one we should immediately stop! 

Face Smash Cake

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The End to Cake Smashing 

One woman shared a picture on Facebook along with her story. 

Someone smashed her head into a cake but it did not end very well. 

Thankfully, she is still alive and does not have too much damage hopefully. 

There are countless other videos and pictures showing the damage and potential effects of cake smashing. 

It is probably best to just avoid any cake smashing anymore. 

What could be all fun and games could potentially end someone’s life. No one wants that. 

Cakes with Sticks 

Cakes nowadays especially tiered cakes, have sticks to hold them together to look fancy and beautiful. 

Some shops use wooden sticks while others use plastic. In some cases, even metal rods are used. This can be incredibly dangerous when it comes to cake smashing. 

Sometimes people want a huge cake with incredible detail, which ultimately requires a lot of structural work on the inside. 

Regardless of what is used, it can all be very damaging. 

You’ll never know if they are inside until you cut into the cake, or even worse if you get your face smashed. 

To be safe, it’s probably best to stop the cake smashing. 

You don’t want to cause someone to get poked or even lose an eye because of something funny. 

Make sure to be careful and find a better tradition that doesn’t involve sticks of any sort! 

Let’s end the cake smashing tradition before anyone else gets hurt. What other tradition can take its place? 

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