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People Are Ditching Toilet Paper And Getting Reusable Cloth Rolls

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I love helping the environment and looking for things to make the world better, but this is something I am generally concerned about. I just don’t know if I can get on board with reusable toilet cloth rolls.

Reusable Cloth Rolls

People are ditching toilet paper and instead are using these reusable cloth toilet paper and I don’t know how I feel about that.

How do these things even work?

Usually, with normal toilet paper, you either fold or crinkle it, wipe and throw it down the toilet. So how do you use these things?

Do you simply have to use a little corner at a time and let it hang there? Does it dry and that’s how it is reusable?

It simply does not make any sense at all to me!

To me, using reusable cloth seems so much messier.

Sometimes these rolls are all sewn together, making this all the more complicated.

If you are in a big family, do you all share, or does every member have their own?

Cloth Toilet Paper

image via MamaBear/Etsy

I feel like it would make the bathroom smell worse than it already does. Unless, you have a bunch of these cloths and use them one at a time. To me, that is not worth the headache.

If you are reusing these, doesn’t it just mean you are spending a lot of money on laundry soap and other products? Not to mention all the water as well. Isn’t that just as bad as toilet paper?

What are your thoughts? Is this something you would do? I think I will pass and do something else to help save the planet.

If you do want to start using reusable toilet paper, here are lots them on Etsy.

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I love my bidet


Jill got me cracking up!!

This is one the grossest things I have ever seen….wiping your butt with something someone else has used and has already had someones crap on it or worse if you have teenage girls turns my stomach….how sanitary is that….you would be washing them every single day or more….What if you had the runs…or company….NOPE NOPE NOPE….YUK….I will stick with toilet paper and think of other ways to save the environment….. 

You only use them when you pee! You use toilet paper for the big jobs. It saves on toilet paper.

I’m guessing you never used cloth diapers.

Great point!

Yes, I used them cloth diapers. When they had poop on them, I’d rinse them in the toilet. They were a lot bigger and easier to handle.

I did use cloth diapers and have had my fill with poopie cloth.  Never again!!

They are sick

We use cloth wipes.  Not on a roll like this.  Use one time.  Throw it n a trash can with a wet pail liner.  I’ve wet them n the last and place them n a wipe warmer too.   Wash abt every day.  We’ve cloth diapered n the past.  Disposable is way more expensive than washing.  We also use cloth n the kitchen (not the same cloth we use n the bathroom tho.  Lol).   Feel free to email me with any questions 🙂

I use a bidet. Problem solved.

I can imagine using these when regular TP is not available. I have some packed away for my family. Each person will be assigned a different color and each bathroom will have a pail with a lid and some bleach water. Much like using cloth diapers for your baby. But, while TP is readily available, I will opt for that. I also have some peri bottles put away for use if needed. One per family member,


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