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Take Your Plants On A Walk With This Plant Stroller

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I’m sure you all heard that if you take kindly to your plants or sing to them they will grow faster and better. But, what about taking them out for a walk? This stroller allows you to walk your plant around wherever you are going, so you can connect and help them grow.

Alice Kim

While it may look a little strange to other people as you walk by, if you are an avid plant-lover, this might be the perfect thing for you!

Alice Kim

Alice Kim designed this stroller while going to Kingston University. This was for a school project. The whole idea around the project was to help people to treat plants like they do babies. Plants need just as much attention, nurturing and care as little ones do. And this stroller definitely helps with that!

Alice Kim

This is not the only thing Alice Kim decided to make. She also made a vest that allows you to carry your plant, much like you would a newborn in a baby carrier. These vests are see-through so you can watch as your baby plant grows.

Alice Kim

Some people are all for these plant inventions, while others think it is pointless. You cannot order these anywhere as of right now because it is still simply a school project. Maybe in the future though, we will never know!

What are your thoughts on this plant stroller and maternity plant vests? Would you ever use one of them?

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