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Firefighters warn about Plastic Water Bottles in Cars

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So many of us leave water bottles in cars and I was shocked to find out that this can actually start a fire. We always have several water bottles in our car and never would think this could cause any danger.

Firefighters Warn against Plastic Water Bottles in left in Cars

However, leaving a water bottle in a hot car can start a fire.

That’s exactly what happened to Dioni Amuchastegui, a battery technician with Idaho Power, when he saw smoke from beneath the center console of his truck during his lunch break as you can see in his Facebook VIDEO.

The video caught the attention of the Midwest City Fire Department in Oklahoma, who referenced it on their Facebook page as a public safety warning.

They do reference that this is rare and more likely to happen in the hot summer months.

Midwest City Fire Department put this to the test shown HERE

Firefighters warn against Water Bottles in Cars

So…instead of leaving your bottled water baking in the car for hours (which you shouldn’t drink anyway) take it with you!

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