Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Presidents Day George Washington Pancakes

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I had totally forgotten about Presidents Day until the boys reminded me on Friday that they had off of school on Monday. We made these fun George Washington Pancakes yesterday morning and it was very easy and fun to make. The boys got a kick out of it!

We used pancake mix (we like Bisquick), whipped cream spray, and 1 dark grape.

We shaped our pancake mix in the pan on low heat into the shape of his face. Cut around the edges with kitchen scissors to clean it up when it’s cooled off just a bit. Place on the plate. Make another pancake and cut the nose, lips, and eye lids out of that. Spray on the whipped cream for the hair and eyes. We cut the ends off of a dark grape for the pupils.

That’s it! The kids will have fun making this as well and it’s a fun way to talk about our history and George Washington!
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  1. This is awesome. So awesome that I pinned it…I gave your website credit!

  2. Amazing!

  3. This is hysterical!

  4. I can't believe you came up with this on the spur of the moment! You're amazing!

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  6. what a GREAT idea….you are so cool.

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  9. These are great! Will try to make tomorrow morning. My 8 year old history buff will LOVE them (so will my other kids – because they have whipped cream!)

  10. This is too adorable, Jill!! The nose is my favorite!! LOVE it.


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  16. that is hysterical and adorable!

  17. The cutist ever , I Love it.. thanks for introducing me to your blog.

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  19. That is adorable! Love it!

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    Beth =-)

  28. This is hilarious! I made these and they were a huge hit!! I love your website! You have such great ideas for things that are so fun and easy to make too!!

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