Puppy Pie Pops

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Puppy Pie Pops

Pillsbury asked us to come up with some fun pie pop ideas so we will be sharing some this week that we have created! We made these Puppy Pie Pops and my boys loved them! Pie pops are easy & lots of fun to make! Kids seem to really enjoy them and it’s a nice change from cake pops.

Puppy Pie Pops

Pillsbury Pie Crust
Jarred/Canned Pie Filling (we used strawberry)
Regular & Mini Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Cookie Frosting
1 Egg
Lollipop Sticks

Preheat the oven to 375. Roll our your pie crust. We cut out heart shapes using a heart cookie cutter….

Heart Cookie Cutter Cutting Pie Crust

Then cut out one 1 ear using a knife. Use that piece as a guide to cut out the other ears…

Cutting An Ear From the Pie Crust

Place one heart on a pan lightly sprayed with cooking spray. Then place on the ears. Cut out some small pieces from the pie crust to make a tongue & nose. Now place on the tongue. Fill with the pie filling and then press on the stick in the center. Top with another heart cut out then use a lollipop stick to seal the edges. Beat 1 egg and brush the tops. Now place on the nose. This is what it will look like before baking….

Placing the Jelly Filling

Bake for about 15 minutes until lightly browned. We attached chocolate chips for the eyes and mini chocolate chips on the face using the chocolate cookie frosting.

Puppy Pie Pops

We slipped out Puppy Pie Pops in decorative straws to give them a more colorful look!:)


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3 comments on “Puppy Pie Pops”

  1. Avatar photo
    Katie @ Made to be a Momma.

    These are soo adorable! My toddler would love them!Would love to have you share at my party!