Restaurants Now Turning Into Drive-In Movie Theaters

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Many businesses have shut down due to the coronavirus, including thousands of restaurants. This drastically hurts their business. However, recently many restaurants are now turning into drive-in movie theaters to help their business, and help you as well!

Drive-in Movie
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Drive-in Movie Restaurants

Recently, some restaurants are getting out temporary big screens so their customers can enjoy watching a movie outside. It is such a great idea to get out of the house all the while staying safe and practicing social distancing.

What is even better is that you can order food straight from the restaurant and they will bring it right out to your car! Talk about the perfect date night or family night!

These Restaurants

BJ’s Restaurant in Mingus, Texas is one of those restaurants doing this right now. In a post on social media, the owner shared, “When the world is shutting down we have to go back to our roots for entertainment. Here is a sneak peek of our mobile drive-in movie theatre. Looking for something to do Friday and Saturday night? Go to BJ’s Restaurant & Bar in Mingus, Texas. We will be playing THE SANDLOT at 8:30 PM. We will have a waitress car hop so come sit in your car and turn your radio to 90.3 FM to hear the movie and hang out.”

Another restaurant in Arizona, Ajo Al’s is doing something similar. They have inflatable screens in all their parking lots and are showing Coco to cars when they are parked six feet apart.

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The Challenges

All around the country, many restaurants have tried to get this going in order to help them as well as those customers. However, unfortunately, many restaurants cannot keep it going. One of those restaurants was V Pizza in Cary, North Carolina.

They shared in a social media post: “It is with a heavy heart that we are informing everyone, that starting immediately, we can no longer do the movie screenings in our parking lot. After a lot of conversations with both members of the Cary Police Department, and the District Attorney, we are stopping these procedures and don’t have the resources to attempt to challenge it.”

Depending on what state, there are many risk factors in doing this. Safety, of course, is a high priority. Another challenge comes when customers ordering food and drinks have to go to the bathroom. Most restaurants do not have portable bathrooms.

Many Businesses Failing

With the coronavirus, many small restaurants and businesses may not survive. Even higher chained fast food places and other restaurants are struggling. Only four national food chains showed a profit for the first quarter of the year.

Many are now trying to find ways to help bring them profit to some degree. That is why restaurants now have started becoming drive-in movie theaters around the country. If we can, let’s support those small businesses and restaurants in any way that we can!

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