School Bus Drivers Honor 2020 Graduates

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While many 2020 senior graduates have not gotten the graduation or send-off they truly deserve, a town in Ohio made sure to make it special for their seniors. These school bus drivers honored their graduates in a most heart-warming way.

School Bus Class of 2020
photo via Loveland School Transportation

Ohio School Bus Drivers

In Loveland, Ohio, their Loveland transportation department all got together to figure out something that will help honor their seniors. They have a graduating class of 392 in their town. Even though they couldn’t support their seniors in person, they still found a way to bid them farewell.

Together, 22 bus drivers along with their buses, spent three long hours trying to make this picture-perfect. They created 2020 out of their buses.

Lisa Moorhead has been a bus driver for 23 years and is the organizer for this entire event. She shared that the drivers didn’t even know if they had accomplished what they wanted to do until they saw the picture.

She says, “To us down on the ground, it looked like a maze. When [art and photography teacher] Jim Barrett took [the drone] up, there were tears and screams. We were so excited we’d done it.”

The Effect of the Sign

The video that was posted on Facebook on May 18 has been seen over 4,000 times already. Everyone who sees it loves what has been done for these seniors.

One commented, “Loveland really comes out for their students” while another shared, “This is so awesome and really touching. Thank you for your dedication!”

Lisa shares how it truly is an act of love rather than a simple congratulations as she says, “We didn’t have our last days with any of the kids in the district. We thought [school closures] were going to be three weeks, but it turned out to be the rest of the year. As bus drivers, we bond with our kids. We’re the first ones they see in the morning and the last ones before they go home.”

In another press release, more bus drivers shared how they felt about making this video. Jennifer Bloom Bowman shared, “Some of us have been around long enough to transport these kids since kindergarten, and some of us have only been working with the district for a few years, but the one thing we all have in common is the love for our students. This is a huge accomplishment and anyway we can show them some love, we will do it. So here’s to the Class of 2020. Your bus drivers are proud of all of you.”

Michele Winter, another bus driver also shared her feelings when she states, “Every story, every hug, every laugh and every tear with them are memories and sometimes even lessons. To the kids of the past, the present and the future, this is for you!”

What a wonderful tribute these school bus drivers did to honor their 2020 senior graduates!

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