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Sliderider Turns Your Stairs Into A Slide

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This Sliderider looks so much fun! I would have a blast on this not caring how old I am. You attach this to your stairs and it turns into a slide.

SlideRider turns your Stairs into a Slide


The SlideRider is  in a concept phase and was designed by a group of inventors at Quirky. We can’t wait for them to release this! It has bumpers on the sides and bottom for safety.

SlideRider turns your Stairs into a Slide

This easily folds down for you to carry and store.

SlideRider turns your Stairs into a Slide

Check out the Sliderider in action…

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  1. I have been looking for one of these for a while. Any ideas on where to find one?

    • Let me know when this is available we have a great outdoor set of stairs that this would be great for- IF it is long enough. Something to consider: making a longer version as well as standard. 
      Re:stair/slide runner

    • PLEASE let me know where and when they will be available. My grandkids will love this…and so will I. Such a great idea. It sure beats what my children used…. cardboard, round sleds and laundry baskets.

  2. What stops you from going through front door or wall at bottom??
    Other then thats its amazing,wish you came up with it 40 years ago

  3. Will there be different lengths for fewer step stairs?

  4. Where can I buy the stair slide!? It is amazing!! 

  5. Where can I get one of these?

  6. Where can I get a slider rider for the stairs?

  7. I need this! Oh wait, I meant my granddaughters need this….hurry and get it in production! 🙂

  8. My 5 yo grandson would LOVE to Test this product & I could write a review !!
    Or let me know where I could purchase 

  9. Ssoooo…..where does one purchase this geniusness?!?! 

  10. so where can we get one of these at

  11. Cool can’t wait to buy one

  12. Love it! 
    When will it be available for purchase? I have grandkids that must have this!!!

  13. Is this product available yet?

  14. Can you let me know when this is available for order? 

  15. I need this for my grandson. Where can I get one?

  16. I need one of these in our lives.   Please post where we can buy one.  My teenage daughter and my grandbabies could have some serious fun in this.  Not to mention us adults.  hehe

  17. I need this!?!? Any idea when this will be released??

  18. I really would love this for our grandkids. Definitely want to to know when where and how to get one when available please.

  19. I am so excited about the Sliderider! Do you guys have a date yet as to when it will come out? Are they going to be in different lengths?

  20. Would so like to be informed when, where and price when this is available. Would love to have one that could be lengthened and twisted to cover all stairs. I have 7 down, turn come down 4 and then 7 more. Yes it’s old home. Then would need another for long steep set of stairs.

  21. Let me know when available, lots of relatives would love it

  22. My grandson would LOVE this, and I have a perfect set of stairs. Where can I buy this?

  23. My eight brothers and sisters and myself invented this wild activity 55 years ago — riding big cardboard boxes down the living room stairs ! I think we put one of my little brothers in the big empty box first, and sent him for a test run down the stairs. He loved it ! Of course, we all tried it , experimented with different techniques ie. sitting, laying feet first, head first, etc. After nine kids, or probably before that, the box gave out and we just had a long sheet of cardboard which turned out to be the best of all , because now we just laid the sheet of cardboard on the top of the landing and took turns sledding down the stairs !

  24. We even had a name for it– not sure which kid came up with it but it was always known as “zoom-zoom” to all of us, all the neighbor kids, and all of our huge brood of cousins. Our living room stairway had very thick carpeting and I think that must be why it seemed to be everyone’s favorite place to go “zoom-zoom.”

  25. This would be great for hospital/nursing home fire evacuation as many of the patients/residents have mobility issues. I am always worried with fire drills when I am on the 2nd+ floor as elevators do not opperate during a fire.

  26. Love this! I did see a slide for stairs, families with kiddos that have ADHD, or too cold. Too hot, raining, snowing can get the exercise needed indoors!
    I imagine one with a ball pit connected at the end would be fantastic indeed!

  27. SUATMM = shut up and take my money

  28. My grandkids would love this. Please inform me when it will be available and how may I be able to purchase this.

  29. This looks so much safer than the cardboard boxes we used as children to slide down the stairs would love one of these.

  30. Where can I purchase sliderider?

  31. Love this!! Have to have it!

  32. I want one