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S’mores Sheep Pops

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S'mores Sheep Pops

Most of you that have followed us for a long time know how much we love making s’mores pops! We have made a ton of them and we thought it would be cute to make S’mores Sheep Pops today! My boys loved them and they were super easy to make!

S’mores Sheep Pops
(makes 2)

Graham Crackers (we like Keebler)
1 Hershey Chocolate Bar
Mini Marshmallows (halved…we like Jet Puffed)
2 Marshmallow Bits
1 Jumbo Marshmallow
Chocolate Cookie Frosting
Black Edible Marker
Lollipop Sticks or Decorative Straws

Start out by cutting the graham crackers using a flower or round cookie cutter like this….

Shaping The Graham Cracker

Cut a jumbo marshmallow in half and squeeze the chocolate cookie frosting on one side. Place on one graham cut out. Squeeze more frosting on top and then place the other graham cut out on top. Break off a piece from the Hershey chocolate bar and snip off the corners using kitchen scissors. Attach on the top using the frosting. Cut a marshmallow bit in half and attach on the Hershey piece for the eyes….

Making The S'mores

We colored the marshmallow bit halves with edible marker to make pupils. Cut the mini marshmallows in half and attach around the Hershey head using the frosting. We also broke off pieces from the chocolate bar to make feet & ears. Attach with the frosting. Poke in a stick and that’s it!

Here is a side view…..

S'mores Sheep Pops

Close up….

S'mores Sheep Pops

My 2 year old was in love with his S’mores Sheep Pop!

S'mores Sheep Pops

This is such a fun treat for the kids and also a fun treat for them to help create themselves!

S'mores Sheep Pops

Baaaa! Baaaa!

You can view all of our other fun S’mores creations HERE!

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Those are adorable! Great job! I need to make some for my kids now.

Christine @

What fun! Pinning.

These are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing!! Pinned 😉

Super cute!

I would love for you to share and link up at my TGIF Link Party. The party is open every Thursday night and closes Wednesday's at midnight.
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs, Cathy

Those are the cutest s'mores ever!

These are SO cute! Sharing on my Facebook page. Have a great weekend!
Jenn 🙂

Yum! These would be a great project for school (or church) in spring! March comes in like lion and goes out like a lamb!

these are absolutely adorable my daughter would love making these. I'd love for you to link them up over at my blog 😀

Wow, these are adorable!! I've seen sheep cupcakes, but never s'mores. These are so clever. I would love for you to share these s'mores sheep pops on my Sweet Tooth Tuesdays blog link party, it's going on for the next couple days.

These are so cute! Love the pic with your son holding it =)

Thanks for linking up and sharing on TGIF! I hope you pop over and link up again today.

Have a great weekend,
Beth =)


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