60+ of the Best DIY Christmas Decorations

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Looking for great DIY Christmas Decorations and craft ideas to put up this Christmas, but don’t know where to start? We got you covered!

Here is a neat collection of over 60 of the BEST DIY Christmas décor and craft ideas for you to try this holiday season.

Over 60 of the BEST DIY Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Best DIY Christmas Decorations

DIY Snowman Logs via Lorilee…

Stack a few rustic log slices together, then decorate them with ribbons and markers to create these adorable wooden snowmen

DIY Snowman Logs

DIY Lighted PVC Pipe Candy Canes via DIY Show Off

Get creative! Paint some PVC pipes red and white this Christmas. Drill a few holes along the pipe to stuff festive lights inside.

DIY PVC Candy Cane...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

DIY Burlap Garland via Creative Craft Love

This rustic Christmas garland is sure to spruce up your holiday decoration game! Just tie some red and green burlap strips to a string of festive lights.

DIY Lighted Burlap Garland

Giant Ornament Balls via Hallmark

Nothing says Christmas quite like giant ornaments hanging in your front yard. Simply glue a plastic ball and a tin bucket together for a great yard decoration!

Giant Ball Ornaments

Hanging Christmas Planter via Pinterest

Put your flower arrangement skills to the test by assembling your finest ornaments, lights, and collecting pine needles for this gorgeous hanging Christmas planter.

Hanging Christmas Pots

DIY Snowman Candle Holders via Crafts for All Seasons

Turn an average glass fishbowl into the perfect decoration for winter. These snowman candle holders will emit a soft, cheery glow over the entire room!

DIY Snowman Candle Holders...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Plastic Hanger Snowflake

Terry Modlin-Weems took 16 Plastic Hangers and connected them with zip ties to make this awesome snowflake decoration!

Plastic Hanger Snowflake

DIY Wood Pallet Christmas Trees via Wild Flowers & Pistols

Have some reclaimed wood or pallets you’re itching to put to use? Splash a little paint on them and turn these boards into a super cute Christmas tree decoration.

DIY Wood Pallet Christmas Trees...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Wine Cork Wreath via Pinterest

Wine-lovers rejoice! This is the Christmas wreath for you. Glue all your old wine corks together to celebrate the holiday season your way.

Wine Cork Wreath

DIY Christmas Light Globe via Curbly

Transform your rusty, wire hanging-baskets into glowing globes of art! All you need is a few zip ties, spray paint, and a beautiful strand of Christmas lights, and you’ll have a magnificent DIY Christmas Decoration.

DIY Hanging Christmas Light Globe

DIY Spindle Snowmen via Pinterest

Repurpose old stairway spindles into these cute snowmen stand decorations. Go ham with the white paint, felt scarves, and buttons!

DIY Spindle Snowmen...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

DIY 2×4 Wood Christmas Decorations via Keeping it Simple

It’s amazing what paint, vinyl pieces, and small blocks of wood can become! This adorable wooden decoration will surely put you and your neighbors in the holiday spirit.

DIY 2x4 Wood Christmas Decoration

Easy Christmas Centerpieces via Pinterest

Too many Christmas ornaments can spell a disastrously overcrowded tree…or inspire a great DIY project! Place these ornaments in an ornate vase, decorate with some curling ribbon, and voila.

Easy Christmas Centerpieces

How To Make Pinecone Christmas Trees via Scissors and Spoons

I love this idea! Use small pine cones, glue, acrylic glue, and small clay pots.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

DIY Snowman Hurricane Shade via Restyled Junk

Last-minute holiday decorating has never been so easy with this snowman hurricane shade. It adds a warm, whimsical glow to any winter dining setting.

DIY Snowman Hurricane Shade...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Homemade Snowman Wreath via Trendy Tree

Christmas, snowmen, and wreaths go hand-in-hand, so why not combine all three into one amazing DIY project? Keep in mind this wreath uses up a lot of white mesh.

Homemade Snowman Wreath...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

DIY Yarn Christmas Tree via Mopowak

Create this simple Christmas tree decoration out of an extra spool of green yarn! Just glue the yarn around a large cone, let it set, and then decorate.

DIY Yarn Christmas Tree

Terra Cotta Pot Snowmen via Crafttow

Take your old terra-cotta pots, add a fresh coat of white paint, Mod Podge, and scrapbook paper, and you have yourself these cute Christmas snowmen!

Terra Cotta Pot Snowmen

Old Fence Christmas Decoration via Pinterest

Transform an ugly section of your old garden fence and a few pieces of scrap-wood into this adorable, colorful Christmas decoration.

Old Fence Christmas Decoration

DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Trees via Two Twenty One

Tomato cages make excellent bases for faux Christmas trees, which you can build to whatever height you prefer. These trees will easily last you several Christmases – at least!

DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Trees...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Christmas Wine Glass Candle Holders via The Keeper of the Cheerios

Paint over your boring wine glasses and turn them into these super fun, super festive candle holders! They make the perfect Christmas decoration (and who doesn’t love recycling?).

Christmas Wine Glass Candle Holders

Christmas Village Tree made with a Ladder via Pinterest

Is your collection of Christmas villages beginning to stack up? Proudly show them off on this handy ladder display!

Christmas Village Tree made with a Ladder

Fish Bowl Snowman Decoration via Loretta James

Use different-sized fish bowls to house a unique Christmas scene. Add Santa Claus figurines, little trees, bells, or a nativity scene, then stack them up to create a truly festive snowman decoration. Don’t forget the hat or scarf!

Fish Bowl Snowman Decoration...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Santa Logs via Smart Girls DIY

Who knew painting a face on a log could be so cute? You won’t want to burn these little Santa babies on an open fire!

Santa Logs

Stained Paint Stick Ornaments via Pinterest

I found this DIY Christmas Decoration on Pinterest without a source. Take a handful of stained paint sticks, sheet metal, and some ribbon, and you have yourself a rustic, holly jolly Christmas decoration!

Stained Paint Stick Ornaments

Flip Flop Snowman Wreath via Flip Flop Daisy

If you don’t think flip flops and winter go together, think again! Say goodbye summer and hello Christmas with this unique burst of holiday cheer.

Flip Flop Snowman Wreath...these are the BEST DIY Christmas Decorations & Homemade Craft Ideas!

DIY Reindeer Logs via Pinterest

Move over, Rudolph! There are new reindeer in town, and they have giant googly eyes. This simple DIY project is a great for using up firewood.

DIY Reindeer Logs...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

How to make Christmas Light Balls via Christmas Lights Etc

This beautiful DIY Christmas project shows that a little wire and a few string lights can really go a long way!

How to make Christmas Light Balls

DIY Stocking Hanger via Dukes & Duchesses

Whether or not you have a fireplace to hang your family’s stockings, this DIY stocking-hanger presents a fun alternative to traditional stocking spots.

DIY Stocking Hanger

Painted Snowman Pot Lids via Pinterest

With just a little paint, felt, and other embellishments, you can transform your dinky pot lids into cute snowman decorations!

Painted Snowman Pot Lids...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

DIY Pool Noodle Wreath via Sweet Pickins Furniture

With just a little paint, felt, and other embellishments, you can transform your dinky pot lids into cute snowman decorations!

DIY Pool Noodle Wreath

DIY Christmas Lanterns via Dimples & Tangles

Rusty lanterns are nothing special to look at, but stuff them full of ornaments, smack tinsel and ribbons around them, and you have a gorgeous Christmas set piece!

DIY Christmas Lanterns...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations!

Snowman Fan Blade via Pinterest

Sand down an old fan-blade and you just might find a cute little snowman underneath! Don’t forget his carrot nose and top hat.

Snowman Fan Blade

DIY Peppermint Striped Candle Sticks via Simply Kierste

Tea candles without any candle holders can be pretty, but easy to lose. A hollowed-out, red and white candle stick is also adorable – and much easier to find.

DIY Peppermint Striped Candle Sticks

Corner Pallet Tree via Pinterest

Take an odd corner jutting out, some wooden pallets, and a few strings of lights, and you’ll have yourself this easy DIY Christmas tree!

Corner Pallet Tree

Recycled Cardboard Reindeer via Good Housekeeping

Recycling meets Rudolph in this eco-friendly holiday project. It’s a great way to use all those cardboard boxes you have from online Christmas shopping.

Recycled Cardboard Reindeer

Handsaw Christmas Tree via Pinterest

Have a very metal Christmas by winding a chain around two rusty handsaws and sticking a star on top! It’s the perfect holiday decoration for your garage.

Handsaw Christmas Tree

Sliding Staircase Penguins via Pinterest

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…penguins? Spruce up your stair banister by sticking snow-white fluff over it and let your stuffed penguins enjoy the ride.

Sliding Staircase Penguins...these are the BEST DIY Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Reindeer Logs via Ebay

Sawn-off logs make surprisingly great canvas. With so many great sticks and pine cones at your disposal, what better holiday creation is there to paint than reindeer?

Reindeer Logs

PVC Pipe North Pole Lights via Copeland Christmas Blog

With a few PVC pipes, red spray paint, and bright light globes, you can bring the North Pole down to your neck of the woods this holiday season. This DIY Christmas Decoration can transform your outdoor decorations.

PVC Pipe North Pole Lights

Plastic Cup Snowman via Wonderful DIY

Accidentally bought too many plastic cups for your Christmas celebration? Stack them up to make a snowman that will never melt.

Plastic Cup Snowman

Snowman Shutters via Pinterest

Shudder at the sheer ingenuity of turning bland window shutters into neat snow couples! Wrap a nice ribbon around the top to give them a cute top hat.

Snowman Shutters

DIY Oversized Ornaments via Home Stories A to Z

Light globes, tuna cans, and eye hooks, oh my! Use these simple objects to create some fantastic oversized lawn ornaments.

DIY Oversized Ornaments

DIY Pallet Stocking Holder via Pinterest

Decorate some extra pallets with snowflakes, snowmen, and other Christmas-y symbols, then use them to hang up your family’s stockings.

DIY Pallet Stocking Holder

DIY Log Snowmen via Hub Pages

These rugged log snowmen will make the perfect winter décor for your rustic home! Just make sure the bark is still attached, and paint away.

DIY Log Snowmen...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations and Craft Ideas!

Knock-Off Crate & Barrel Ornament Trees via Domestically Speaking

Do you adore the look of Crate & Barrel’s ornament trees, but find that they’re just outside of your budget? Why not make your own beautiful versions?

Knock-Off Crate & Barrel Ornament Trees

Wine Glasse Candle Holders with Ornaments via Pinterest

Knock-Off Crate & Barrel Ornament Trees

Giant Christmas Ornament Tires via Addicted to DIY

Just because your tires have worn down, doesn’t mean you have to be done with them! Instead, use them to create these giant Christmas ornament decorations.

Turn Old Tires into Giant Ornaments...these are the BEST DIY Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Melted Snowman Decoration via Pinterest

Got some extra snowy fluff from your other DIY Christmas Decorations, but not enough to use in any huge projects? Make a melted snowman decoration to signal the end of winter.

Melted Snowman Decoration

Lighted Wood Pallet Christmas Tree via Making it in the Mitten

Tis the season for inexpensive DIY projects! This lighted wooden, pallet Christmas tree only costs $4 to make, but the results are priceless.

Lighted Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

Christmas Village via Pinterest

If your Christmas village is an ever-growing work-in-progress, why not expand its display from a small table to a dedicated set-up around your Christmas tree?

Christmas Village

DIY Log Snowmen via Hip 2 Save

If you’re looking to make some cheap (but super cute) Christmas decorations, then these painted log snowmen may just be the project you’re looking for!

DIY Log Snowmen

Turn reclaimed wood into holiday decor via OurLoveStoryCreations / Etsy

Reclaimed Wood Gifts

DIY Mason Jar Lights via All Things Heart & Home

These mason jar lights are great for any occasion. Light them up for an early morning meditation or watch the lights glow at night like fireflies.

DIY Mason Jar Lights...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Christmas Candy Cane Stocking Holder via Connie Edwards

Transform your old coat-rack into a candy cane stocking holder this Christmas! Adding a splash of white paint and a few extra hooks can do wonders.

Christmas Candy Cane Stocking Holder

Easy Christmas Ornament Decoration via Pinterest

Have some extra ornaments that won’t fit on your tree? Why not hang them up in your window with some fancy ribbons? They’re an easy Christmas display.

Easy Christmas Ornament Decoration

Easy Snowman Log Slice Decoration via Oh Buttons

When you don’t have snow, but plenty of firewood, get creative in your Christmas decorating. Use your leftover round log pieces to create these cute snowmen!

Easy Snowman Log Slice Decoration

Snowman Hat Centerpiece via Pinterest

Recycling and crafting can go hand-in-hand if you have the right supplies. Turn an old tin can into a lovely snowman hat centerpiece for your dinner table with this DIY Christmas Decoration.

Snowman Hat Centerpiece

Christmas Frame Wreath via Odds & Ends by Ali

Take an old frame, a few Christmas ornaments, and a red or green ribbon, and you have an easy wreath to hang on your front door for the holidays!

Christmas Frame Wreath....these are the BEST DIY Christmas Decorating & Craft Ideas!

Bowling Pin Snowmen via Pinterest

Make bowling festive by turning the pins into freshly-painted snowmen! You can add cute little hats and other accessories onto them, too.

Bowling Pin Snowmen

Snowman Place Setting via Stager Linda

You can’t host a winter dinner party and not have an exquisite table setting! Luckily, this clever snowman set-up has you covered.

Snowman Place Setting

DIY Photo Wreath via The Crafting Chics

There’s nothing like a wreath of adorable photos to bring your family a little closer for the holidays (literally).

DIY Photo Wreath

Easy Christmas Light Garland via Pinterest

Glue a few red, white, and green balloons to some plastic cups, and string them all to some fancy tinsel. This will create unique Christmas light garlands!

Easy Christmas Light Garland

Hanging Stick Christmas Tree via Uberall

Untraditional Christmas tree decorations are “in” this year, so gather up your finest sticks to make this delightful tree!

Hanging Stick Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Lighted Canvas via Rhapsody in Rooms

Kick off your holiday decorating session with this Christmas canvas. Paint some snowflakes on, then string some fairy lights around your festive creation.

DIY Christmas Lighted Canvas

Tire Snowmen via Pinterest

A stack of old tires can easily become adorable snowmen when given a fresh coat of white paint, some pom pom buttons, and a signature hat!

Snowmen made from Old Tires....these are the BEST DIY Christmas Decorations & Craft Ideas!

Stack Apple Baskets and Lighted Garland via Linley House

Make a simple farmhouse-style Christmas tree by stacking a few differently sized apple baskets together and stuffing lighted garlands in between!

Stack Apple Baskets and Lighted Garland

Santa Wine Bottles via Pinterest

Why give plain wine as a Christmas present, when you can imbue them with a little more holiday spirit? Paint and bedazzle them to recreate jolly Saint Nick himself in this clever DIY Christmas Decoration.

Santa Wine Bottles

Easy Christmas Card Holder via Gwenny Penny

A wreath made out of green clothespins to hold those adorable Christmas cards your family and friends send you? Yes, please!

Easy Christmas Card Holder

Santa Tulle Wreath via Baby Rabies

Is that Santa Claus at your door? Nope, it’s just this simple Santa tulle wreath! Make sure to take into account the size of the Santa hat you use before making it.

Santa Tulle Wreath....these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorations and Craft Ideas!

Christmas Present Cabinets via Pinterest

Christmas has come to the kitchen! Tape some Red Polka Dotted Ribbon around your cupboards and hot glue some Glittery Red Bows top to wrap up your Christmas present.

Christmas Present Cabinets

DIY Christmas Wine Glass Candle Holders via Brokeh Amore Photography

Tiny ornaments inside an upside-down wine glass, plus a small candle, equals a festive decoration that will fill the room with soft light.

DIY Christmas Wine Glass Candle Holders

Holiday Pine Cone Centerpiece via Pinterest

Frost up pinecones and other Christmas plants, arrange them in a neat box with some candles, and you have a romantic holiday centerpiece that people will appreciate. This is one of my favorite DIY Christmas Decorations on the list.

Holiday Pine Cone Centerpiece

Frosty the Snowman Candle from Keepsake Candles

Fill a small, black pot with some candle wax, carefully place it in the center of a dusted saucer, and boom! An adorable Frosty the Snowman candle is born.

Frosty the Snowman Candle

Rustic Christmas Candles via The Blue Door Cottage

Tiny tea candles inside a painted scrap of wood can create pretty, rustic Christmas candles. Wrap some twine or holly around it to make it even more festive!

Rustic Christmas Candles

Snowman Painting on a Fence via American Antiquities

Salvage that old garden fence by making it a canvas for your winter art. Why not paint a smiling snowman with a large bow to ring in the holidays?

Snowman Painting on a Fence

Snowman Present Stack via Pinterest

No snow, no problem! Just wrap your family’s Christmas gifts in white paper, stack them, and turn them into snowmen that won’t ever melt, one of the easiest DIY Christmas Decorations we’ve ever seen.

Snowman Present Stack

Christmas Village Ladder via Pinterest

An old ladder and a few stray boards can make a great stand for your collection of Christmas village buildings! Customize your village your way.

Christmas Village Ladder...these are the BEST Homemade Christmas Decorating & Craft ideas!

Pallet Christmas Trees with Lights via Pinterest

Transform your old pallets by adding red and green paint and throwing on some fairy lights. Now you have one heck of a Christmas tree!

Pallet Christmas Trees with Lights

DIY Wooden Tree Wall Shelf via Ana White

This simple DIY tree shelf is perfect as an advent calendar, displaying your family’s Christmas cards, or for hanging stockings. Featuring four shelves and hooks, store your décor here.

DIY Wooden Tree Wall Shelf

Snowman Pallet via Pinterest

Pallets are empty canvas just waiting to be used, and what better symbol of winter than snowmen? Be sure to try this great DIY Christmas Decoration.

Snowman Pallet

We hope that you love these awesome, DIY Christmas decorations as much as we do. Check out some of our other fun Christmas ideas, too!

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