The Innovative Little Spa That Caters to Worn Out Moms

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Have you slept more than 10 uninterrupted minutes since having kids? This LA spa will let you take a warm bath followed by a luxurious nap. PS: They’ll also watch the kids…in a soundproof room, no less!

The Innovative Little Spa That Caters to Worn Out Moms
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I’m always excited to learn about the ways moms find to be good to themselves. Unfortunately, too many moms keep going and going and going, never stopping to take care of their own mental and physical health. It breaks my heart, but as a mom, I get it.

Moms (generally speaking, of course) give of themselves to the point of feeling completely empty. I hope that’s not you, but if it is, maybe this post will help.

By the way, there are countless dads and partners who are every bit as weary. They get up with the baby, they are there when there are cries and dirty diapers and fevers, and they do their best to shore up Mom so she’ll be okay. Whether it’s a spa day or a day golfing, they need to hit the pause button, too.

An Affordable Day Spa For Sleep-Deprived Moms

If you live anywhere near Studio City, California, and you are so tired you might actually be sleep-reading this, get yourself to Spa Lé La, the spa for mommas.

(Nowhere near California? Keep reading because I have some thoughts about how to achieve the same spa experience wherever you are.)

About Spa Lé La

“We know that in a mother’s world, even one hour of peace and quiet can be her greatest extravagance. We also know that left to our own devices, we can find a million reasons to put it off for another day– especially when we’re chasing after our little ones.

Offering complimentary on-site child care, spa services, organic nibbles, and luxurious beds (uninterrupted nap, anyone?), our goal is simple: to make a mother’s self care a guilt-free and gloriously relaxing affair.”

Take a Warm Bath

Settle down into a nice, big tub and soak in one of their comforting oils, bubbles or salts. Sip a nice glass of red or maybe a bit of bubbly champagne while listening to soft, calming music.


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The Nap Room

After your relaxing, uninterrupted bath, you for sure need a quick nap. How long has it been since you had one? Crawl into the comfy, cozy bed and welcome Mr. Sandman for 25 minutes.

Just imagine. A nap without being awoken by crying. (Yes, I’m talking about the baby but I think we both know sometimes the crying is also coming from you.)

Of course, the spa also offers wonderful massage services, facials, and a sauna.

(See the spa for yourself on Facebook.)

DIY Spa For Worn Out Moms

For those of us who aren’t near California, there are ways we can give ourselves this delicious spa treatment without actually going to a spa.

1. Call the grandparents and buy the bubble bath.

If possible, you should find at least a couple hours a week, if not more, for yourself. You need to sit in a nice bath, just like at the spa, and settle into a sweet nap. One of the only ways you can do that with the promise of having a completely quiet house is to bring in the backup team of Grandma and Grandpa. (Remind them grandparents live longer if they help out with the grandkids. Even better? Share this post with them!)

2. Build your own mommy spa co-op.

The problem of being exhausted from top to bottom is universal among moms. Gather together all the moms you know in your area and make plans to help each other carve out some ME time.

Maybe 4 out of the 5 moms have a playdate with all the kids while the 5th mom takes a few hours to herself to rest. There are lots of ways you could make it all work out, so ask everyone to brainstorm.

3. A hotel might do the trick. 

Call a local hotel that has a pool, hot tub, and nice beds and book a room. No one is coming with you, no matter how they beg! When you think about the $150 or so you’ll spend (depending on the hotels in your city), it’s a pretty reasonably priced way to create a special spa experience for yourself.

If you don’t want to be away from the kids for a whole day, check in by yourself for 3 to 4 hours and then the family can come.


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How do you take care of yourself as a mom?

Are there small things you do for yourself that keep your batteries charged? Any tips you’d like to share?

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