Spaghetti and Turkey FOOTBALLS!

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Spaghetti and Turkey FOOTBALLS!

Football season kicks off this week and we have been making lots of fun football snacks and dinners. The boys (and dad) got a kick out of this spaghetti with turkey footballs!

We made this using spaghetti noodles, our favorite sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, turkey meatballs 

Mix the meatball ingredients and shape into footballs like this…

Spaghetti and Turkey FOOTBALLS!

Follow the recipe and cook them a few minutes on each side in a pan. Take the shredded cheese and make the laces and stripes on the little footballs. Place the noodles on the plate and top with the sauce. Add the footballs on very top and kind of press them into the sauce.

We hope that you enjoy this kick off week of football. Our team is the Atlanta Falcons and they were just predicted to go to the next super bowl! Woohoo! This will be a fun year for us to watch and we hope those Falcons can live up to it!

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13 comments on “Spaghetti and Turkey FOOTBALLS!”

  1. The Princess and the Tot

    I wish I had seen this before yesterday! I'll be making this for the game next weekend!

  2. Way too cute!! Perfect for football season! I've been talking about your blog everywhere. I think all of your ideas are so creative! Excellent job. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. Flying Squirrel Fan

    I just discovered your blog….you are so creative! I have an in home daycare, we'll be trying some of your ideas in the very near future! Thanks for sharing

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