Stock Tank Pool to Beat the Summer Heat

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Everyone wants to have a pool in their backyard, especially once summer and the heat hits. However, most pools cost way too much. However, there is one option available. Have you ever looked into getting a stock tank pool for this summer?

Stock Tank Pool

These are technically built and designed for water troughs for livestock. Some people even refer to them as “hillbilly hot tubs.” However, despite how often they are made fun of, many people are turning towards these for the summer.

Love this stock tank from A Stroll Thru Life

Stock Tank Pool

The Tractor Supply Company states, “More and more, we see our customers turning to this innovative solution as a way to enjoy many of the benefits of a pool without the high cost.”

They are definitely a lot more affordable than traditional pools, that is for sure. These stock tank pools are even easy to set up! All you have to do is choose the area you want, then you can easily seal and install the trough. You can even add a pump to help keep it clean.

How to Maintain

The best part is that you treat it like any pool. Drain once you are done using it and clean it like you would a normal pool.

One owner, Annie McCreary, shared, “We use an above ground pool pump/filter. We do add chlorine as needed, just like a regular pool/spa. I test it daily with the pool strips, [and], I shock it once a week — so easy! If it gets too funky, it’s easy to drain and re-fill.”

If you like the rustic look, keep it above the ground! However, if you want a more traditional pool look, you can install it into the ground as well. Many owners will put rocks around, or have a wooden deck around the stock tank pool.

Love this one via Pinterest

stock tank pools

It costs about $350 for this pool. This stock tank pool is such a great cost-effective solution to keeping cool during the summer.

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