Succulent Plant that Looks Like Tiny Opals

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Succulents are the dream plant to have in your home. They are easy to maintain and look beautiful all the time. Check out this succulent plant that looks like tiny opals! It is so dreamy you will want one in every room of the house! I know I sure do.

Haworthia Clear Succulent Plant

Tiny Opal Succulent

I have never heard nor seen a clear succulent plant, until now! These succulents are see-through so they look just like little opals growing everywhere.

Everyone wants to have only succulents in their house right now because they are the easiest plant to keep alive. You only have to water them once a week or even less than that!

These tiny opal-like succulents are from the Haworthia family of succulents. This means they are small succulents with big leaves or rosettes.

Where to Find Them

These succulents are a rare find. However, you can get some seeds that we found off of Etsy

Grab the 50 pack, and get a group of friends around to have a succulent planting party! It would be such a fun party once we can have socials again.

Little Leaf Garden has some beautiful Seeds to choose from including this Pink Haworthia!

Haworthia Clear Succulent Plant
via Little Leaf Garden on Etsy

How to Maintain

To take care of these clear succulents, you will want to put them in a brightly lit area of the house. But, be sure not to put them in direct sunlight, especially during the hottest part of the day. That will kill them off.

They need light, but not tons of sunlight. A windowsill will be the ideal location, but only if it gets some light during the day.

Tiny Opal Succulent

via suculentaslindass

During the summertime, you will want to water them at least once a week. During the winter, you only need to water them once a month. Once the topsoil is dry, then you should water it.

Don’t overwater, but don’t underwater as well. Once you get your plant you will see exactly what it needs. Usually, it will only be once a week. You can always set a reminder if you are forgetful like me!

Haworthia Clear Succulent Plant
via Shutterstock

That is why it is my favorite plant because I am so forgetful, I don’t have to worry about watering all the time! It is the only plant I keep in my house.

Haworthia Clear Succulent Plant
via Shutterstock

For the soil, you will want a cactus mix soil. The soil needs to be able to drain fast. These succulents need more coarse soil than most other plants.

Now, do you want to go get all the seeds for this beautiful succulent plant that looks like tiny opals? I know I sure do!

Haworthia Clear Succulent Plant
via Shutterstock

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