Succulent Plant that Looks Like Tiny Hearts

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Succulents are a must-have plant in anyone’s home. They are easy to maintain and always look beautiful. However, I bet you never have seen a succulent plant that looks like tiny hearts have you? Believe me, they are real and even more adorable than ever!

Conophytum Bilobum Plant - Succulent Plant Tiny Hearts
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Heart-Shaped Succulent Plant

Succulent plants are so fun to have around the house. Even if you forget to water them, you can practically never kill them! Especially these little heart-shaped succulents. They are so adorable!

They are a type of mini succulent plant named the Conophytum Bilobum Plant. They are a rare type of succulent found in Korea.

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Normally, this succulent is green with purple or red lining; however, sometimes you can find them with blue or even a rust color tint. No matter what color though they are so cute.

Usually, you will see it flower in the fall, around October or November. You will also see a variety of colorful flowers from these succulents, adding to their cuteness and beauty. Some of these succulents even have a nice smell to them!


How to Maintain

Like I mentioned before, succulents are very easy to maintain, and these heart-shaped succulents are no different.

All you have to do to keep them alive and beautiful is to keep them in indirect sunlight, which typically means a window seal.

Then, simply water them between once a week to once every three weeks. You won’t need a neighbor to come over if you go on vacation to water them since they barely need any water to survive!

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Once you have your plant you will see if they need to be water more or less often, as every plant is different. A good rule of thumb is if the leaves start to wither and retract back into the soil, they need to be watered.

These succulents will go dormant during the hotter weather around summertime. However, they will automatically come back out during the cooler weather.

The best thing is that you can grow your own heart succulent straight from seeds at your own house!

Amazon sells the seeds for you to buy, or you can buy the seeds from Etsy HERE.

How adorable is this succulent plant that looks like tiny hearts? I need to add this to my succulent garden for sure!

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