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Succulent that Looks Like a Mermaid Tail

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Succulents are many favorite plants to grow in the house. Not only are they really easy to take care of, but they also are so adorable. They have so many different varieties and features that make each one unique. Here is a succulent that looks like a mermaid tail!

Mermaid Tail Succulent

If you are a mermaid lover, you will need to get one of these succulents. They look exactly like a mermaid tail, which will be the perfect addition to your mermaid collection.

This succulent is a Crested Senecio Vitalis. They are a blue and green color and can grow up to two feet, and three to five feet wide. At each stage, they are so beautiful and unique, no other plant is like them.

How to Take Care of Them

These succulents are like many other types when it comes to taking care of them. They are a low maintenance type of plant, which is perfect for busy people, or those who like to travel.

It is best to water them every once in awhile, at least once a week. If the soil on top is dry, then you may need to water more frequently.

Because they can grow wide, make sure you have a big enough pot to hold them and allow them room to grow. A smaller pot will alter their growth.

Where to Find Them

These succulents are pretty hard to find. They originate in the eastern cape of South Africa. During the summer they are format; they prefer the cooler, winter weather to grow in.

You can find them available in many succulent stores on Etsy.

However, many are often out of stock, so if they become available, you better get them before they are gone!

These mermaid tail succulents are some of the prettiest succulents I’ve ever seen. It would be the perfect addition to any house that has a mermaid lover, or an underwater beach theme in their house.

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