Succulents that Look Like Jellyfish

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If you have a succulent garden, you will want to add these ones to your collection. These succulents actually look like jellyfish and will turn your garden into an aquarium.

Jellyfish succulent
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Jellyfish Succulents

Succulents are beautiful plants that can be grown either inside or outside. They are easy to take care of and make any home like so beautiful.

One type of succulent that is less known are ones that look like jellyfish. They are a cluster of succulents that hang from a basket. However, these succulents will also grow like vines on the bottom of the plant. Thus, creating the jellyfish look.

Where to Find Them

Turns out, you can create your own jellyfish succulent plant! Here is what you will need:

First, you will need to decide what will make the body of the plant, and then the tentacles as well. A moss basket is said to be the best for this project. Fill it with soil, turn it over, and plant your succulents!

It is best if you have up to 25 of the tentacle plants, that way when it grows it will fill the bottom of the plant. Plant the tentacles a couple of inches from the outside of the basket.  Once that is done, cover the bottom with felt. You will turn it over once you are done, so make sure it will hold the weight of the soil and the top plants.

Next, thread the wire all around the basket, inside and out, then tie it around the basket when finished.

Finally, it is time to plant the succulents on the top. Plant them, then put sewing staples to secure them in place. You will want to keep them a little way apart so that they have room to grow.

There you have it! You can create your own jellyfish succulents and have your house and garden look magical!

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