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This Summer might be One of the Hottest on Record

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The weather this year has been nothing but crazy. Some states have experienced crazy hot springs while others still have snowfall. With this crazy weather, it is no surprise that this summer is said to be one of the hottest on record.

This Summer might be One of the Hottest on Record

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Summer 2020

Springtime usually is the season to have more random weather as it switches from freezing cold to warm sunny days. However, this year it is a little too extreme. But it is nothing like what summer is going to be like.

Already into May these have been really hot, and it is only going to rise. West of the Rocky Mountains in the United States the heat has already been above average for this year. The rest of the United States have had cooler weather than average.

The newest forecast shows that the heat will only rise and spread quickly throughout the entire United States.

Even the Climate Prediction Center is saying that things will get really hot here in June, July, and August. This is for the entire country, not just west of the Rocky Mountains.

This Summer might be One of the Hottest on Record

3-month outlook for temperatures in the U.S. for June, July, and August NOAA

The west and the south are more likely to have hotter temperatures. The middle shows that it may have normal temperatures, but nothing too extreme.

The Weather Channel reports that most of the U.S. can plan on having a “hotter-than-average” summer in 2020.

Breaking Records

It is no surprise that summer is going to be hot. When we were only in April, we already were on record for the tenth hottest year for the United States.

Looking at this from a bigger picture, the global land and water surfaces show temperatures that rank it the second-highest in the 141-year record.

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, this year, 2020, will be one of the top five warmest years on record, not just for the United States, but for the world.

Let’s hope you have plenty of AC or fans because this summer is going to be one of the hottest on record. You will definitely need to keep cool.

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