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Texas Picker Turns Grain Silo Into Adorable Guesthouse

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Owner of Old World Antieks, Amy Kleinwachter loves unusual heirlooms and antique pieces. Her best friend had a 14-foot round grain silo which only came from a ranch just down the road from her in Texas.

She instantly wanted to somehow create a guesthouse with this grain silo to match her farmhouse made from salvaged materials. And she did just that!


Isn’t this the cutest guesthouse for a farm? It is 1,000 square feet and even has a cute little porch. You will even find one bedroom and bathroom inside too! It is the cutest and perfect place to gather as a family or to host some friends over too.

It was a little tricky to find things to fit in a circle, but Amy and Judy Kurtz, a local contractor, did it together!

In the living room you will find mismatched leather chairs and a crate for a footrest. There is even a cute office space too! The desk was made with a old floral-stand sign and is a hanging desk.


Almost everything in the house is salvaged, old, or vintage, which just adds to the charm. The bed, however, is not. Amy shared how finding an antique bed that actually is comfortable is rare and pretty much impossible, so they just got a new one.

The wood in the bedroom is from a historic Texas house close to where she lives. She had to seal the wood with Varathane polyurethane sealant so no one would breathe in lead from the paint.


Amy shared, “It’s essentially a tin can and inherently dark. I waded through my stash for window options with ample height and modest width to maximize natural light and still work within the constraints of the circular design.”

“Old windows are one of my favorite things to hunt for, but metal awnings are right behind. I love how they bring depth to a design with a rugged fussiness.”


What do you think? Are you in love with this grain silo guesthouse? I know I am!

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Love love love it. If it was just me I couldive in something like this fulltime. Fantastic job!!!❤️

I would like to see the bathroom & dinette..I mean a coffee maker, mini frig, microwave?


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