The BEST Garden Ideas

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We gathered up over 20 of the BEST Garden Ideas and DIY Yard Projects to get you ready for Spring!  All of these are fantastic & unique ideas that look so much fun to make. We included everything from yard art, garden stones, green houses, planters, & more! I can’t wait to make some of these with my boy. These ideas will give you the best looking yard in your neighborhood!

Over 20 of the BEST Garden Ideas & DIY Yard Projects

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The Best Garden Ideas

DIY Greenhouse using Old Windows from Global Garden Friends

DIY Greenhouse using Old Windows!

DIY Wall Mounted Succulent Plant Letter from House & Fig

DIY Wall Mounted Succulent Plant Letter

How To Make A Raised Garden Bed from My Daily Randomness

How To Make A Raised Garden Bed

DIY Porch Bench from Houzz

DIY Porch Bench

Succulent Toy Trucks from Empress of Dirt

Succulent Toy Trucks

Spring Butterfly Stepping Stones via Pinterest…

Butterfly Garden Stepping Stones

Topsy Turvy Garden Pot Planters and Bird Bath from Home Stories A to Z

You will fall in love with this topsy-turvy garden planter made of aqua painted terracotta pots and just so pretty! Each pot stays on a pole that passes through a bottom hole in each pot. Finally, the entire garden planter is topped up with a birth bath decorated with a bird.

Topsy Turvy Garden Pot Planters & Bird Bath

Raised Garden Bed via Pinterest

Raised Garden Bed

This Wagon Wheel Garden is definitely one of the best Garden Ideas EVER via Pinterest

Wagon Wheel Garden - best Garden Ideas

Terra Cotta Pot Turtles from Chef Ping Creates

Terra Cotta Pot Turtles - Best Garden Ideas

“My Grandkids Rock” Painted Garden Stones from Ronda Stauffer

My Grandkids Rock...these are the BEST Garden Ideas!

Perfectly space planting veggies and seeds using a muffin tin! via Katie Bridget

Using muffin tin for planting

How to Grow Hydrangea from Cuttings from Burncoose Nurseries

Hydrangeas are very easy to grow!  Anyone and everyone can grow them and they will tolerate most soils and nearly all are very hardy. 

How to Grow Hydrangea from Cuttings

Painted Clay Pot Minions via Pinterest

Minion Planters

DIY River Rock Garden Markers is at the top of our Best Garden Ideas from West Valley Moms Blog

It’s a huge help to add markers to vegetable gardens to see what we have grown. These painted river rocks and stones are such a fun idea. Just paint the river rocks for custom vegetable and fruit signs to make gorgeous garden markers.

DIY River Rock Garden Markers

Painted Golf Ball Garden Lady Bugs from Art Drops

Painted Golf Ball Garden Lady Bugs

Succulent Turtle Topiary from Gardening in the Shade

Succulent Turtle Topiary

Terra Cotta Clay Pot Pigs via Pinterest…

Terra Cotta Clay Pot Pigs

DIY Pond from Total Pond

DIY Pond

Terra Cotta Pot Elephant from Sandra Fransworth-Cole

Terra Cotta Pot Elephant

Shutter Angel via Pinterest...

Shutter Angel

Decorated Garden Tree Stump via Pinterest…

Decorated Garden Tree Stump

DIY Concrete Garden Hands from Goods Home Design

DIY Concrete Garden Hands

White Bicycle Planter via Pinterest…

White Bicycle Planter

Clay Pot Painted Mushrooms from Birds and Blooms

Spruce up your garden space by adding colorful mushrooms. Making faux mushroom is super easy by using a terracotta pots and saucers.

Flip over a terracotta pot and top it up with a flipped saucer and finish it off using paint and glue.

Garden Clay Pot Painted Mushrooms

Garden Flower Rock Art from Gail Howard…

Garden Flower Rock Art

DIY Hanging Chandelier Planters from DIY Show Off

DIY Chandelier Flower Planters

DIY Tree Ring Planter from MhyLuv Mondragon

DIY Tree Ring Planter - Best Garden Ideas

Garden Gnome House made from Clay Pots via Pinterest….

Garden Gnome House made from Clay Pots.

Clay Pot Horse Garden Planters via Pinterest…

DIY Clay Pot Horse Garden Planters

Reclaimed Pallet Planter via Pinterest…

Reclaimed Pallet Planter

Pallet Vegetable Garden is at the top of our Best Garden Ideas via Pinterest…

Pallet Vegetable Garden - Best Garden Ideas

Garden Frog Tire Planters via Pinterest…

Garden Frog Tire Planters

Use Cinder Blocks for edging around a garden bed via Pinterest…

Use cinder blocks for edging around a garden flower bed

Glow in the Dark Flower Pots via Epstein Design

Painted Glow in the Dark Flower Pots

Hanging Shoe Organizer turned in Herb Garden from Kelly Moore

Hanging Shoe Organizer turned into a Herb Garden

Flower Bicycle Mailbox…so cute! via Pinterest…

Bicycle Flower Bed Mailbox.

Succulent Pallet Garden via Pinterest…

Succulent Pallet Garden

Backyard Raised Garden from Better Homes & Gardens

DIY Backyard Raised Garden

DIY Fire Pit via Pinterest…

Stack Pavers to make a Firepit

Bird Bath Fairy Garden via Pinterest…

Bird Bath Fairy Garden

Hanging Window Planters via Pinterest…

Hanging Window Planters

Turn an Old Truck into a beautiful Garden Waterfall via Pinterest…

Turn a Vintage Truck into a beautiful Garden Waterfall

Cinder Block Fence from Pinterest…

Cinder Block Fence

Painted Frog Rocks from Cores Com Arte

Painted Frog Rocks.

Creating a path with rocks/stones via Pinterest…

Creating a path with rocks/stones

Tea Kettle Succulent Display via 4 Surya Garden

Tea Kettle Succulent Display

Disney Garden via Tiffany Piatkowski

Use some landscaping pavers to create the shape of the Mickey Head. Fill the center with soil. After that, you can plant whatever your heart wishes!

Disney Garden

Rustic Hanging Bucket Planters via Kelly Elco

Rustic Hanging Bucket Plants

DIY Garden Dragon Flies from Lucy’s Designs

DIY Garden Dragon Flies

Terra Cotta Pot Family via Pinterest…

Terra Cotta Pot Family

Log Train Planter via Pinterest…

Log Train Planters

Planted a Garden in a Wheel barrel is at our top best garden ideas from Little Tudor on the Prairie

DIY Fairy Garden with Lights

Wheel Barrow Flowers via Pinterest….

Wheelbarrow Flowers

Hanging Colander Flower Pot from Hometalk

Hanging Colander Flower Pots with Spoon Wind Chimes!

Use a Rake to hang Potted Flowers via Pinterest…

Use a rake to hold potted flowers

Cinder Block Plant Stand via Pinterest…

Cinder Block Plant Stand

DIY Backyard Pond is at the top of our Best Garden Ideas via Pinterest…

DIY Backyard Pond

Broken Pot Fairy Garden from Hometalk

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Raised Garden Kit from Walmart

Raised Garden Bed

Turn a Metal Wash Tub into a Hanging Planter via Pinterest…

Turn a Metal Wash Tub into a Hanging Planter

Home Sweet Home Stacked Planters via Pinterest…

Home Sweet Home Stacked Planters

Raised & Enclosed Garden Bed via Pinterest…

Raised & Enclosed Garden Bed to keep the critters out

Cinder Block Garden via Pinterest…

Cinder Block Garden Plants

Kitty Cat Terracotta Pots via Pinterest…

Kitty Cat Terracotta Pots.

Acorn Crystal Fairy Light from Fairy Elements/Etsy

Fairy Lights

Vintage Truck Waterfall Pond from Mary Straka …

Vintage Truck Waterfall Pond...these are the BEST Garden & DIY Yard Ideas!

Birch Tree Logs & Stumps turned into a Fairy Garden Castle via Pinterest…

Birch Stumps & Logs turned into a Fairy Garden Castle...these are awesome Garden & DIY Yard Ideas!

Succulents in Hollowed Out Logs from The Succulent Guy

Succulents in Hollowed Out Logs

Turn Wine Bottles into an Outdoor Wall via Pinterest…

Turn Wine Bottles into an Outdoor Wall...these are the BEST Garden & DIY Yard Ideas!

DIY Wine Barrel Sink via Instructables

Turn a Wine Barrel into an Outdoor Sink!

Campfire Flowers via Pinterest…

Campfire Flowers...these are the BEST DIY Garden & Yard ideas!

Spilled Flower Pot from Greyt Paper Crafts….

Spilled Flower Pot...these are the BEST Garden and DIY Yard ideas!

Teacup Planter made with Old Tires via Pinterest…

Teacup Planter made with old Tires...these are the BEST Garden Ideas!

Succulent Fountain from Fairfield Home & Garden

Succulent Water Fountain

Fire Pit using String lights…

Keep a Firepit glowing all season with Copper-Wire Lights loosely draped over a pile of Wooden Logs in a Cast Iron Fire Bowl. Use a battery-powered strand or conceal the extension cord around a less-traveled side of the pit….

Add Lights to a Firepit instead of burning a real Fire.

Topsy Turvy Bucket Planter via Becky Hillmann

This is such a great idea! Stack old pails/buckets with a rod and fill with flowers. Such a pretty addition to your garden.

Topsy Turvy Bucket Planter

DIY Downspout Drainage using Rocks via Pinterest…

DIY Downspout Water Drainage using Rocks

Concrete Leaf Water Fountain from The Front Porch

Concrete Leaf Water Fountain

DIY Flower Stones via Pinterest

DIY Flower Stones.

Ladybug Timber Planter from Winfield Collection

Ladybug Timber Flower Planter

Terra Cotta Pot Cow via Pinterest…

Terra Cotta Pot Cow

DIY Firepit using Landscaping Rocks via Pinterest…

DIY Firepit using Landscaping Rocks

Flowers planted in a Boat via Pinterest…

Planting Flowers in a Boat

Campfire Flowers is at the top of our Best Garden Ideas – via Pinterest…

Campfire Flowers

If you like our BEST Garden Ideas & DIY Yard ideas…make sure to check out these amazing Yard Art Ideas and Best Rock Painting Ideas!

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45 comments on “The BEST Garden Ideas”

  1. MarthaN. McArdell

    Your garden ideas are just beautiful, thanks for sharing.
    When is the right time to trim Hydrangeas ?mine bloom and after flowers are gone the get new buds all over and stay on during the winter time. Right now they look read to bloom.please help.

  2. The wine bottle fence! Love this idea. Thanks for sharing this collection, Jill. I will definitely be trying this out!

    Thank you,

    Scott (from Ace Concreting Canberra)

  3. Kody Loveless

    I am a huge fan of the rustic look. I would love to put a wagon wheel in my garden. I really like how you made a wagon wheel into a planter. That would look so good in my garden. I will have to try this out.

  4. Maggie clough

    Not creative at all but enjoy seeing other’s ideas & creations. And this collection is one of the most unique I’ve browsed. Thanks!

  5. Have made the terra cotta pot family but I can’t find the hands. Does anyone know if these are purchased hands or home made. Either way, would like to know more about the hands.

    1. Would you send the instructions on the Bottle Wall. This is fantastic. Had a bottle tree and the Board made me take it down. Still have the bottles. thank you …Beryl.

  6. I love all your crafts. I was wondering if you had the plans for the ladybug timber planter or know where I could get them. Even if I have to purchase them. Thank you!!

  7. Mildred Stallings

    I am desperate need for a written instructions on the horses. I have tried to find them on the website . The problem I have run into is I can only find the supply list and pictures of what they should look like putting together. The other problem I ran into was some say these rods , it’s very confusing to me what is the proper way to do it. Did you use the wipes are not. I am a 70 you’re all senior citizen. I did not do well and going to the web and finding things. Please if you have written instructions I would more than appreciate you helping me out. Thanks for your time and helping me.

  8. Such cute projects! We’ll certainly make some of them! Thanks for sharing!
    And congratulations on your blog!

  9. Im going to try the flowers made from rocks we just removed several 8 foot shrubs from in front of our house and I cant wait to try this unique idea!

  10. Michelle Dickens

    I love these ideas that you post. There is so many things that I want to try. Need instructions for the turtles. Do you have a catalog or something?

  11. Does anyone have the directions for the turtles made from clay pots shown above (but it says website no longer exists)?

    1. Use clay saucers for the bodies, small clay pots for the feet and wooden balls for the head. Paint all one color, dark green if you like, then used 1″ x 1″ sponge dipped in lighter color green for the “spots”. Seal with a laquer sealant and then glue everything together. Have made quite a few.

  12. WOW ! ! ! What a wonderful group of garden & other craft ideas ! ! Thanks for all of them & keep them coming ! !