The True Meaning of Gift Giving

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Since the beginning of time, we give gifts to someone to show our love for them. However, as time passed, giving gifts, especially during the holiday season, has become a burden on families. Remembering the true meaning of gift giving this holiday season will help us all to enjoy the holidays more than ever before.

The True Meaning of Gift Giving

Lots of parents are still paying off debt from last year’s Christmas gifts, while others don’t set a budget and entirely overspend on gifts. Most of these gifts are unnecessary and ultimately go to waste! Not to mention, loads of holiday stress as well.

I’m not saying we need to stop giving gifts, but we need to rethink and understand the true meaning of gift giving.

Nowadays, people need less stuff than more, even though society still tries to get us to want and feel like we need more. Back in the days, things weren’t so readily available to buy, so the gifts people receive were actually meaningful.

So how do we make the change? How do we tell ourselves and our loved ones that we need to go back to the true meaning of gift giving? Here are a couple of ways to help you achieve this goal.

The true meaning of Gift Giving

Use Your Control

While you cannot control your family and friends, you can control yourself. It all starts with you! Talk about it, get excited about it, and, ultimately, stop buying excess stuff for Christmas. Think of what each person truly needs and get those items. 

When people ask you what you want for Christmas, you can tell them only what you absolutely need, or ask them to do an act of service in your name. These are all things you can control, and they will make a difference.

Involve Your Family

Discuss with your family and ask them their thoughts on the matter. You can make a new tradition all together. Maybe this year, you draw names from a hat to decide who to give a gift to instead of doing one for everyone. You can also choose to take a vacation instead of gifts and spend quality time with your family.

When you involve your family, they will become excited about it too and will understand the true meaning of gift giving early on, which will only benefit them the rest of their lives.

Have a New Focus

Instead of focusing on the presents, change your family’s focus elsewhere. Have more excitement about the family game night, or family dinners rather than the endless piles under the Christmas tree. Creating new traditions, as mentioned earlier, is another great way to change the focus to something more meaningful at Christmas.

You might start a calendar full of family events around Christmas time that the whole family enjoys. You could even all come together to get one special gift for each person in the family instead of tons of gifts that won’t go to use.

There are many ways you can teach your family the true meaning of gift giving. Involve each person and help them understand the real reason we celebrate Christmas and steer away from the gifts.

Remember, the change begins with you. As you make the change, you will see your family enjoying Christmas more than ever before!

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