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This Mom Hired Bigfoot For Her Kid’s Birthday Party, And It Went Hilariously Wrong

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This Oklahoma mom wanted to surprise her daughter with Bigfoot showing up at her birthday party but things did not go as planned. Her daughter and guests weren’t too happy about Bigfoot coming.

image via Kelly Kazek

When it was time for Brett McPherson to choose her daughter’s surprise character this year, instead of the typical Disney character, she went for something cooler: Bigfoot.

But Baynee Mae, who is 6 years old, and her guests actually thought he was terrifying!

Brett shares a video of Bigfoot showing up in a tutu with some balloons and the kids scream and go crazy. The parents laughed and the kids were horrified. Brett did not expect that to happen at all, but it definitely is a memorable birthday party no one will forget!

Eventually, after some calming down and help from their parents, the kids actually liked Bigfoot.

Check out the video from the party below!

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