If You Freeze After Your Shower, You’ll Want This Amazing Towel Warmer

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I recently found this and absolutely love it! Where has this been all my life? If you freeze every time you get out of the shower, have you tried using a towel warmer?


Towel Warmer

I love taking a really long hot shower, but I dread getting out. It just gets too cold too fast! With this towel warmer, you’ll never have to worry about getting cold again! It instantly warms your towel so as soon as you get out, you are wrapped in a warm, soft towel.

Life would be so much better with a towel warmer. No more freezing to death right after I step out of the shower and ruining the relaxing shower I just had.

This warmer is a super-sized one, meaning you can even warm up your bathrobe, towels, throw blankets, clothes, and more the options are endless!

Think about the cold months in the winter. No more getting cold, simply warm up your clothes and blanket beforehand and you’ll be good to go!


It also has a built-in timer to automatically shut off after 60 minutes. That gives you plenty of time to shower and keep your towel warm for you.

When you turn it on, it will take 6 minutes to fully warm your towel or robe. Then it will stay warm for an hour before turning off.

The Keenray Bucket Style Towel Warmer comes in 6 different colors, so there is one for everyone!

In their description on Amazon, it says: “Once you’ve discovered the pleasure of a freshly warm towel, you’ll wonder how you ever went without. So, pamper yourself and your loved ones with this incredible invention.”


Be sure to not get any liquid on the inside, especially while it is turned on. It will not dry your towels, only warm them up so make sure to only be dry towels inside!

You can grab one of these right off of Amazon!

The Keenray towel warmer is the #1 best seller for towel warmers so you know you’ll be getting the best!

Who needs one of these?

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