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You Can Now Neutralize Your Farts With These Charcoal-Based Underwear Pads

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Flatulence is totally normal, with the average person farting up to 20 times a day according to Medical News Today. That can be an issue for people that have extremely egregious fart smells. A company called Flat-D Innovations has created a Flatulence Deodorizer, a charcoal-based underwear pads that can be attached to your underwear and does the work of neutralizing your intestinal gas odors.

These could be used as a gag gift or for someone with real problems with gas. You should also check out our post about underwear for Dads with active children.

 You Can Now Neutralize Your Farts With These Charcoal-Based Underwear Pads

via Flat-D

How do the underwear pads work?

The company’s website explains how the filters work:

“The material we use is approximately 1/16th of an inch thick and can be washed repeatedly and still maintain its effectiveness. It comes laminated on both sides, with a thin polyester type material, which provides strength and durability. The material is breathable, lightweight, reusable, washable and easily installed. Due to its slim profile, the wearer is comfortably unaware of its presence.”

The company also assures that the materials used are safe:

“The material is very safe when worn touching the skin. There are no harmful side-effects either. You can use your own underwear and insert this when needed. It is hypoallergenic and in all of our tests we have not found anyone allergic to the material.”

How do I use the charcoal fart pads?

The pad can be attached outside the underwear or can also be placed on the inside. The pads are lightweight and thin, which makes it undetectable.

Flat-D Underwear Fart Pads

via Flat-D

According to the product’s website, a person can use the product repeatedly and wash it as many times as needed.

The underwear pads are available on Amazon and have gotten some rave reviews.

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These fart suppressors must be worn with a pair of croaker sack draws that’s the pills bury ones with the 3 XXX U cut a hole in each corner for your legs and the railroad tracks won’t smell so bad.ok that all bye

I would like to try it to see if it really works..