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Twitter Loses Its Mind Over UNO Stacking Rules

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Oh, you like stacking those +4 or +2 cards when you’re playing UNO, huh? You might want to sit down because UNO rules say it’s not allowed.

UNO Rules Confirmed

From the official UNO Twitter account: “If someone puts down a +4 card, you must draw 4 and your turn is skipped. You can’t put down a +2 to make the next person Draw 6. We know you’ve tried it.”

WHAT? Okay, UNO. You’ve tricked me before, like the whole Draw 4 Rule. I thought I knew what was what about UNO and you seriously popped my balloon. Now, here we are again.

Twitter Loses Its Mind Over UNO Rules

I’m not sure what prompted UNO to tweet about this rule, but once they did? Oh my gosh. You would have thought UNO tweeted that puppies are dumb and kittens don’t smell good.

Calm down, Twitter. It’s a game. You’ll be okay. I promise.

I’ll do us all a favor and leave out the profanities Twitter piled on UNO. Suffice to say there were plenty and they were multilingual! Turns out Twitter outrage is global when it comes to UNO.

Here are some tweets to and from UNO that might be helpful whether you already love the game or are a new player.

Tweets to and from UNO

@samwidowmaker – So if you can’t do a 2+ stack on a 2+ or a 4+ stack on a 4+ why’s it in the online game of UNO?

UNO – Because these rules are for the physical UNO card games. The mobile version of the classic game feature custom rules, including the most common house rules, for a new way to play.

@otaldomarkola – What about a +4 to finish the match?

UNO – You can end with an Action Card.

@Stany__92 – So we are playing the game, and a person has put +4, the next turn is skipped. Then can the next one put +2? Or only +4? And vice-versa? Can a +4 follow a +2?

UNO – Yes, as long as your one opponent picked up the 4 cards and skipped their turn. Your following opponent can then play a +4 or +2 (if it’s the correct color).

@PliskinHunter – Me and my girlfriend are arguing about escaping a +2 card with a +4 card. Is it possible ?? I’m sure it’s not.

UNO: There’s no escaping the Draw 2 card. If the player before you lays it down, get ready to pick up two cards.

@AceBuey – So basically the person who has to +4 or +2 has to be skipped, but the player after them can still play a draw card?

UNO – Exactly!

@realUNOgame – If a player does not call “uno” before playing their last card, but no one calls them on it, does that player still have to draw cards? Or do they win?

UNO – They would win! Someone would have to catch them before the next player after him/her discards.

There Are Lots of Ways to Play UNO

If you have a UNO game, have you always played by the correct rules? Do you also have house rules?

If you don’t have the game, you gotta get one! You’re going to have so much fun. UNO says there are also multiple online UNO games, an app, a Facebook version as well as PC game to try. No excuses not to play!

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