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25 Uses for Dryer Sheets You Need To Know

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For a long time, I’ve found all sorts of uses for dryer sheets. I love the smell, but I also need to make money go as far as I can.

That’s why I do a lot more with (new and used) dryer sheets than simply toss them in my laundry.

25 Genius uses for Dryer Sheets that you probably never knew about

25 Uses for Dryer Sheets

1. Shine up chrome. Dampen a used dryer sheet and shine up the bathroom faucet or toaster.

2. Keep your scissors sharp by wiping the blades with a used sheet between uses.

3. Buh-bye pet hair!  Rub a dryer sheet over your sofa, bed, etc and it’ll gather up all that hair from your fur baby.

4. Clean oven racks. Soak them overnight in some Dawn dishwashing liquid with some dryer sheets thrown in. The dirt and grime will wipe off easy the next day.

5. Put them in your drawers and they’ll make your clothes smell fresh and clean for a long time.

6. Ward off gnats and mosquitoes. Put a fresh sheet in your pocket and leave a little sticking out. Those flying little monsters don’t like the smell. Same with Mice!

7. A used dryer sheet is the best dusting cloth ever. Shelves, floors, lamps, you name it.

8. Dirty pots and pans are no match for a dryer sheet. Soak your pan in water, dishwashing soap, and a dryer sheet for about an hour.

That burned on goo that was stuck before will come right off.

9. One of the great uses for dryer sheets is the smelly shoes solution. Cut a fresh sheet in half and put one half in each shoe.

10. Clean paint brushes. Soak the in warm water with a dryer sheet for a couple hours.

11. Banish soap scum on shower doors. One of the uses for dryer sheets most people don’t know is how to use them to clean shower doors. Just wet a fresh sheet and scrub. They’re amazing.

12. Flyaway hair can be tamed by rubbing a used dryer sheet on your hair.

13. Discourage dust from accumulating on your TV by wiping it down with a used sheet.

14. Instantly make your car smell better by placing a fresh dryer sheet under a seat.

15. Got deodorant streaks on your shirt? Rub it off with a dryer sheet!

16. Get rid of toilet bowl rings by scrubbing with used dryer sheets.

17. Pop a dryer sheet inside your folded sheets to make sure they have that “just washed” fresh smell when you make a bed.

18. Keep a dryer sheet in your stored luggage. It won’t smell musty when you need to use it.

19. Hide dryer sheets around your house to make everything smell fresh and clean.

You can put them under sofa cushions, in baskets, anywhere you can find a hiding place.

20. Wipe your blinds down with dryer sheets once a month. It’ll help repel dust accumulation.

21. Dust and clean baseboards by rubbing them with a used dryer sheet.

22. Used dryer sheets packed in empty toilet paper rolls make great fire starters.

23. Clean hairbrushes by soaking them in warm water with a dryer sheet. Fresh and clean!

24. Send one with your kiddo to place in their school locker. It’ll smell so much better!

25. Make your own Swiffer pads. All you need is a few dryer sheets and you’re good to go.

The BEST uses for Dryer Sheets

Do you have more uses for dryer sheets?

Please tell me what they are? I want to know and I’m sure readers want to know, too!

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Also great for cleaning grease off a kitchen cabintet

I put a fresh dryer sheet in my vacume cleaner with the filter. Makes my house smell good as I vacuum

Use them to remove soap scum from shower doors, then wash off with dish washing detergent your shower doors will sparkle, also use them in your car engine compartment to repel mice if they have chewed or gnawed at your cars wires, it keeps them from returning and damaging more wires and even getting inside a unused or stored car or even a car that is used less often, those unused sheets are great for these tips, make sure to tie them to the wires before using your car, do not tie them to anything hot as this could start a fire. Both these tips have been tried and tested

if you quilt, they make great interfacing for string quilts. Beware though, they are flammable and i only use the used ones.

Some people love the scent, but unfortunately, dryer sheets can contain harmful chemicals that adhere to clothes, vent into the air, and rub off on your skin. … These chemicals can cause health problems because they can mimic estrogen and trigger asthma.

Do all these tips work with the unscented ones, like repelling mice? Or is it the smell they don’t like? I only buy unscented. Thanks!

STINK BUGS. I put dryer sheets along window hinges or open clip. Use also on screen door top and bottom. Keeps the stinky pest outside.

Over the years I have used dryer sheets to ease cooking burns or minor burns. It stops the pain and almost all the time stops it from blistering. Just gently rub the area with the dryer sheet until it feels better. You would think it would hurt worse by rubbing the area but it actually eases the pain and burn right away

I cut them to fit under my insoles in my Alegria nursing shoes that squeak.  Only thing I’ve found that works!

Stick a dryer sheet over your hair bush pull off the dryer sheet and all the hair stuck in the brush will come off with it! 

Wet a used sheet to take bird poo of the car with no streaking

Put them in you air vents for the fresh air smell blowing in your house. Not as strong as the scented filters you buy at Lowe’s or Home Depot. More of a faint clean smell. Also I were scrubs at work and I leave on in my locker for those extra static days, just rub it on my scrubs. Good to go!

Use for packing jewelry for trips or moving. Roll necklaces in them to keep them from getting tangled

You can clean your dryer lint screen with a used dryer sheet it will pick up the lint fast and clean your lint screen.

I have multiply dogs and when they come in out of the rain, dry them off with a towel, then take a fresh dryer sheet and go over their backs and head. They smell good and not like “wet dog.”

I am definitely excited to try many of these dryer sheets methods.

I use them for applique when I don’t want to do raw edge applique. I’m not really good at needle-turn applique so I started sewing the piece to the dryer sheet then cut an X in the back to turn it. I then stitch it to the background close to the edge and it is beautiful. You can’t tell it isn’t needle-turned if you stitch it by hand, but I don’t usually take the time to do that and it still looks awesome. 

Used dryer sheets also wipes the deadbugs, tar etc. Off your car

Put used dryer sheets in bagless vacumes to clean .

They’re great for keeping ants and spiders out of the mailbox. Just toss a new dryer sheet to the back of your mailbox. 

I use them to wipe the lint off of the lint catcher , and wipe down the dryer after use…They are also good for stuffing your Bra, instead of tissue paper, lol…..I also use them after they`ve been used for drying clothes , I also use them to wipe the shedding hairs off my C
at..They are good and really can be used for anything….

If your pet has a fear of thunderstorms rub a dryer sheet across their fur and it helps settle the hair that sticks up from the electricity caused by the lighting/thunder to lower their anxiety. First time hearing that I thought the lady who told me was crazy and it works for my dog that hates storms.


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