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How to keep Mice out of Campers

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I’m not sure if you have ever dealt with a mouse problem in your home or RV, but those little guys can be a huge problem and we gathered up the best ideas for how to keep mice out of campers, garages, and houses. This is by far one of the cheapest (and most cruelty-free) method to keep the critters away. No need for traps!

We love to camp and this 1976 Scotty trailer was our first camper. We have made so many awesome memories in this cute little thing. Honestly, I’m not the camping type so my husband has always tried to glam it up a bit to keep me interested in going on our camping trips. One thing that is a sure way of keeping me away is critters in the camper!

Now that Fall is here, mice will find their way into RV’s, homes, and garages to keep warm so now’s the time to use one of these ideas to keep them out of your living space.

1976 Scotty Trailer - Camping Hacks

How to keep Mice out of Campers

Place a bar or two of Irish Spring soap in your trailer. Critters absolutely hate the strong smell of the soap, and will stay far away from it. You can also leave the bars of soap in your garage, basement, or anywhere else you suspect pests are hiding…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!

Place dryer sheets in areas that you suspect critters to enter or hide. Be sure to change the dryer sheets every few weeks to keep the scent strong enough to keep them away…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!

Soak cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them in suspected areas…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!

Moth balls are also a good idea. I personally do not prefer to use this, but others do not mind the smell…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!

Here are some other ways to keep the mice away…

Steel Wool – covering holes that mice can get through, they don’t like the metal.

Aluminum Foil – blocking passages.

Wall plug-in

Keeping areas clean and tidy will really help giving critters no areas to hide in. Also making sure all food is put away and sealed.


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    • Had an unwrapped bar of soap (Irish Spring) under my sink along with 5 wrapped bars. The mouse actually chewed on the bar of soap.

  1. Love these ideas I’m battling mice now and can’t set the traps quick enough and I hate setting the darn things

    • Try the glue boards. Nothing to set, they will accept multiple occupants and are a snap to get rid of.

      • Glue boards are absolutely horrendous inventions. If killing them is necessary, then make it a quick and painless ordeal. Not one where the lay there and slowly starve to death while fighting to free themselves.

        • i totallyyyy agree Alyson !

          • You obviously have never had mice in your home they defecate on anything and everything i dont care how they die as long as there dead there nasty germ spreading thing that can get your hole family sick 1 dead mouse or your the health of your family i say starve the sucker

      • I’ve tried the glue strips and they don’t work for me. Didn’t catch any and still see droppings behind the couch and my house is clean.

        • The glue strips weren’t working for me either, then I stuck a “Cheeto” in the middle of it and the mice couldn’t resist it. Caught (2) of those nasty little critters that way.

      • I completely agree with Alyson. Glue traps are extremely inhumane. I found a mom & 1 baby on 1 glue board someone had set. It was awful to see.

    • We have had a two month long battle with them in a rental house to the point I set and cried it was so bad. They hate peppermint so I got peppermint tea bags and put under the appliances,on top of cabinets,in closets,even taped them inside the air vents. So far it’s been my only relief. The pest control company could not even get rid of them. Hope this helps

    • Last year we had a mice problem too and I hated setting traps. I heard about the dryer sheets and the soap. I put moth balls outside on the ground AnD the dryer sheets and soap inside. I’ll check every month for signs of mice inside . Only just getting chilly here in Ohio but so far so good

    • “Victor power kill” traps are the best very easy to set

    • The best thing I’ve found is the Victor electronic traps. No mess and a blinking light lets you know you have a kill.

    • I use “Just one Bite” sell it at feed store

      • And then any other amimal that eats that mouse be it a cat, dog, eagle etc. will also die a horrendous death as they bleed to death.

    • Use peppermint essential oil. Add a few drops on a sponge then water. Wrap in aluminium foil. Then poke holes in the aluminium foil. Check and when the sponge is dry just add water. Voila peppermint is back!! I use in my garage where I keep my birdseed and cat and dog food for people in my area that need help!!

    • I got cats I had them real bad had to throw away a lot of things when I moved to the country out of the city

  2. Be very careful of the moth balls. They have a cemical that is not good to inhail. Exspcial for the young and elderly!

  3. I have used moth balls before for one winter and the mice simply made their nest around the mothballs as if they liked them. The mice destroyed the canvas on our camper that year.

  4. Thanks for heads up with the Irish spring
    We have a critter in our Rv who loves
    Toilet & Paper towel. We definetly put the iris spring in spots that they come on but a
    We’ll put it inthe tubs to keep it fresh.

  5. Will try it

  6. I will try

  7. Very Interesting, never new these tricks.

  8. Hi do you know how to get rid of roches

    • Combat max roach killing gel it works and yu can get it from Walmart

    • A mixture of boric acid and icing sugar. I put it in bottle caps and place them in the infected areas out of each of dogs and children. Handle with care. I’ve been told to use gloves and a mask when handling. We went away for winter and sprinkled it all over our counter tops. We also lowered the thermostat and shut off the water. Having had such a cold winter they were all gone when we returned in the spring. We had to get boric acid from a pharmacist as it is no longer on store shelves anywhere.

    • BELIEVE IT OR NOT. THE BEST THING TO USE IS WD40. SERIOUSLY! Just saw it on the news recently

    • I had problem with them because of a neighbor before and went to a feed and seed store and got a powder called demitrice earth or DE I probably put wrong spelling. But it works

    • Ive heard hot sauce. Put a few drops every foot or so around the parimeter of each room.

    • Advion sygenta cockroach gel, you can get on Amazon it’s amazing and they are gone almost overnight. Used this a few years ago no roaches since.

    • Boric Acid around all the baseboards, as well as where there is any water source. Same ingredients as in Roach Prufe. Roaches get it on their legs and take back to the nest and it kills the whole nest. This was told to me by and exterminator, and it WORKS!.

    • Combat gel. Works wonder.

    • Try mixing boric acid (powder) with a little powdered sugar. Put it in old jar lids and set in problem areas.

    • Try sprinkling boric acid. It will get on their bodies & legs and take it back to their nest.

    • Line the area with baking ‘soda’. Roaches can’t fart. So, they ingest the soda an then ‘explode’. Laugh if you want, but it works!

    • Keep your stuff clean

    • Put boric acid powder around where the roaches are found.

    • Boric acid powder works good and any gel roach bait works good too .Just put a
      Small dab.on floor of inside of kitchen, bath cabinets near hinged side of door at floor. Hope this helps .

    • Boric acid, mix in some powdered sugar. Put it in the back of cabinets, behind appliances. It got rid of ours quickly where the foggersers didn’t work

    • I have used roach motels (Walmart generic brand) with great success.

    • A mixture of boric acid and sugar with a little water. Place in a small container like a cap from a milk jug. Woris for ants too.

    • Sprinkle some diatomaceous earth all over. It’s a white powdery substances that will get stuck in the exoskeleton and draw out the body’s moisture. It’s all natural. Look it up for more ways to use it. I bought mine on amazon. I bought human grade and eat it everyday in my protein shake.

    • Put 20 mule team borax with a little sugar atound your home they will eat it and than die

  9. Yes we have that problem with mice when our dog don’t chase them away but thanks for the information I will try that

  10. So, where is that beautiful Scotty located? & Thank you for these tips! I will use them at our hunting/vacation camp

  11. Would the soap work in my cars engine??? Apparently I have a critter living in the engine….

    • Both of our cars are garaged all winter, yet rodents have disabled both of them by eating the wires under the hood. I heard of one SUV that was totaled by over $2000 rodent damage.

    • I used moth balls wrapped in nylon stockings and placed the bundles in the engine compartment.

    • a neighbor mentioned the month balls in her engine unfortunately they had already eaten her wires

    • Just pour some oil on the engine after its heated up, the hot engine will not allow the oil to stick but will allow the engine to run smoother and the slick coating will keep critters away. Best place to pour it is on the exhaust manifold while motor is hot and running. 10w30 works the best

    • Fox urine has kept critters out of the engine area of our vehicle after over $1000.00 of damage caused by them chewing on just about every exposed hose and wire. Sprinkle it around the perimeter of the area where the vehicle normally sits. Also placed some cotton balls (sprayed with the urine) in a mesh bag and hung it in the engine compartment. No problem since.

    • Was wondering same thing. Thinking the high temperature from the engine may melt the soap.

    • They will eat the wiring in your car. It cost me 1500 to repair mine. Bad creatures.

  12. Moth balls are not a good idea. The vapors are poisonous especially to children. Just inhaling the vapors can make people very sick. The other ideas are worth trying.

  13. We have had this issue in our garage, car and 5th wheel. We have done EVERYONE of these tried and true remedies. NONE have worked. My car is at the dealers right now getting de moused for the 2nd time. These pests are relentless.

    • We use packets of filled with saw dust and balsam oil.We have tried everything mentioned, and nothing else has worked. Put them in every drawer, cabinet under the hood of our RV. Several in each room, too. Good luck!

      • Get a black snake and turn it loose in you car or house. They will stop your mouse problem. Don’t use with Chicken farming. They also love eggs.

    • how does the dealer domouse a car??

    • Rodent sheriff strong peppermint. Google it.

    • We had mice in our fireplace insert. We could hear them scratching on the inside. I put a bowl of Coca-Cola by their enter point & they were gone within a week. They can’t digest the carbonation, get a belly ache & die.

    • Have you tried cinnamon scented pinecones or cinnamon sticks for the mice in your rv? I use them and have never had mice in my rv during winter storage.


    • When you have an infestation of mice (they are very territorial) the only way to get rid of them is mouse poison. The soap might deter new mice from coming in but once they are established they will not leave. Unfortunately there is no humane way to get rid of them. But you need to locate their entry points, ours was the garage, and then put bait in locations other animals cannot eat it. We even pit in our central air conditioner unit after they chewed through wiring.

      • Didnt you have them die inside the walls after ingesting poison and then have to deal with the real of decomposing mice? That happened when they set out poison in our office. The smell was unbearable.

    • Our 5th wheel is a haven for mice too. I’ve now blocked any portals for them to enter with expanding spray foam, especially around the water lines… we have used Irish Spring soap for years and it does help. Good luck!

    • We had a invasion of mice in our 5th wheel one winter. Patched holes around water/drain pipes, then went to the Dollar Store, bought a box of dryer sheets. No mice in the spring, but looked like we had an an explosion of dryer sheets. Still better than the damage those little rodents caused!!!

  14. how do i get rid of rats

    • Put out a 5 gallon pail with about 1/3 to 1/2 full of water. Sprinkle some oats, or other type of feed on top of the water. Lean a board on the bucket as a ramp. The rats will climb the ramp, fall or jump int to eat the feed and drown.

    • D-con (brand name) is advertised as a rat poison

    • Blow torch

    • It’s a huge challenge. We had rats living in our shed and tried traps and bait and could not get rid of them. Unitl we cleared everything out the entire shed. After cleaning out, we sprayed it down inside and around the outside with the original Sol-u-mel, a Melaleuca product that a Pointe Pest Control guy recommended to destroy their scent trail. (We put a dilution in one of those big pressurized sprayers.) You could start with the Sol-u-mel spray and see if it deters them. I’ve read that rats don’t like strong odors like Tea Tree Oil (which sol-u-mel is made from. I didn’t try this method early on). If you choose to try rat bait, be warned that some dogs are attracted to it and it will kill them. To prevent rats from coming back, plug all holes where they can get in, including gaps in doors (use metal flashing or fine gauge wire screen) remove all food sources that could attract them (pet food, bird seed, etc) and store items in plastic tubs not cardboard boxes or other materials that can be used for nesting or hiding. I remain rat-free so far……Good luck to you!

  15. Sorry mice will eat threw the aluminum foil.

  16. Thank you I’m going to try all these things I live in the Mojave Desert and I’m hoping something will work thank you so much appreciate it Jason

    • If you can get some double 0 steel wool and put in every little crack and hole you have in your house. I dont know about any of the other ideas but double I steel wool nice and eats will not chew through. It is to find and sticks their mouths.

  17. Wonder if these tricks work on ants

    • I used dryer sheets to get rid of carpenter ants when I first moved into my home. We couldn’t figure out how they were getting into the house, and my neighbor suggested putting them into or on top of our heating vents (it was summer so they weren’t being used, but you can also just scrub the vents with them for a minute or two if you are actively using) and also wiping the baseboards of whichever room they were invading. Worked like a charm. Apparently they were using the vents to travel throughout the house, and as soon as we used the dryer sheets as a so called “barrier” they were gone after a few days. Give it a try! We used Bounce dryer sheets. Hope this helps you.

    • Cayenne pepper works well with ants

    • Try mixing a little icing sugar with borax for ants, in a container with a lid (to keep pets out), with small holes cut in for the ants to enter

    • Talcum powder. Dust the ant pathways. They will not go near the stuff and after awhile they stop
      Trying. I thing it coats their feet snd antennas and that’s
      What they track with. Pet and kid friendly.

    • Use bay leaf for ants just stuff the cracks where you see them

    • Ants you should use vinegar and baking soda mixed together and make a paste and leave little chunks of baking soda and they will bring the baking soda to their nest and die. It will leave a paste but u clean your floors after and your good.

    • Sprinkle baby powder where you see the ants coming and going. They don’t like the texture or the smell.

    • Moth balls work. I have issues with ants making my mailbox their nursery. They do not like it.

    • I personally had an ant problem at my business! They came from under a baseboard & trailed half way across the office! I checked out the internet & found the suggestion of cornmeal! Since I had a small dog with his bed within a foot of where they came in, I decided to try it. I put a small mound in front of their entrance which I replenished every day. Well guess what? As they carried the cornmeal back to their little home, they totally disappeared in about 4 days!

    • I use bay leaves to keep ants away. And it works. You can get bay leaves from the spice isle in your local grocery store Good luck

    • I had a terrible ant problem in my parkmodel. I used bay leaf. Not fresh but whole leaf from the seasoning isle. It was not instant it took a few days but they never came back. I don’t have to keep sugar in the fridge anymore.

    • I had ants every spring and fall I called Orkin for 1 year will come by every three months (uless called) so next spring and fall i am covered, for only 153.00 per year took care of spiders to.Man I spent more in that on products trying to get rid of them.They treat inside and out.

      • I used to have an ant problem in my apartment and got them from the cracks in the walls, so by the cracks to the floor where they were coming in took some sweet n low poked holes in the package and taped the ends of the packages to the cracks. By the end of the day they gone. The best stuff for ants.

    • I heard to use cinnamon oil for ants. Haven’t tried it so can’t verify it, but with a shot? I ordered some of Ebay for a little over $1

    • Mix up Borax ( 20 Mule Team ) sugar and water into paste balls. The ants eat the paste and carry it back to their nest. It kills them.

    • What has worked best for ants for me was mixing borax with sugar and water. (It is poisonous to animals and human). But I mix it up put in on disposable plates near where’s they like to go abandon they love t the come running for a few days to get it and take it back to the nest and it kills them plus all the ones in the nest

    • For ants I used Murphy’s oil soap and it keeps them from coming in my kitchen

    • My mom always used cinnamon and it seemed to get rid of ants

    • Ment will work on ants they hate the stuff

    • Ants do not like cinnamon. Try spreading it around where you see them.

    • jane use Borax soap and 10x powdered sugar. We buy Mule Team Borax powder laundry detergent at the supermarket. Mix the Borax powder with the powdered sugar 50/50 and then just leave it out. The ants will take the mix back to their nests and it kills them. Every spring we do the perimeter of our house with this and it works like a charm. It may take a week to kill them all off but it does work. It kills the whole nest. I love it. No chemicals… Although if you have pets put it somewhere where they won’t’ have access to it.

  18. All of the above are great ideas! Use more than one or two and be sure they stay out. Paprika in shallow containers (cover from round oleo containers) keep ants out as well.

  19. Borax, sugar and water. Put equal parts in a water or soda bottle cap.

  20. Get a couple of corn snakes,”hog-nosed” snakes, or garter snakes. All are non-poisonious. Owls, and red-tail hawks are also good.

  21. Will any of ghese work on Voles eating ny grass in my lawn? Their tunneling through my entire yard killing mh lawn.

  22. Mice ate the soap bars…fabric sheets seem to no longer be keep them out, on to the peppermint oil!!

  23. i live in a rural community and work at an auto repair shop. Repairing electrical and wiring damage caused by rodents – mice and squirrels – in the engine and passenger compartments of cars and trucks costs our customers tens of thousands of dollars every year. One woman’s car was completely destroyed by mice. One man’s brand new car was in the shop a week after he bought it – with severe rodent wiring eating damage.

    The dryer sheets work best, – but you really Do have to change them often. We use a rodent repellent tape to repair wiring, but some critters eat it anyway. We pull huge rats and mice nests with tiny babies in them out of air conditioning and heating ducts. We keep cats outside and rodent poison all over the shop – and it helps – a lot. If your vehicle sits too long, leave the hood open so light gets inside the engine compartment.

    Once a rodent gets in to your car or RV, others will follow the scent of poop and pee they leave behind them – so if you see one, your problem is permanent.

  24. People who have a blood enzyme disorder called G6PD (similar to Sickle Cell) cannot breath moth balls, so keep that in mind as well.

  25. One thing we did when we had a family of mice living in our camper worked great. Bought a big bag of activated charcoal from a fish store and filled up some old nylon stockings, soaked them in peppermint oil and placed them in the hard to get places of the camper. Scared the family out and kept any new “friends” away

  26. Irish spring works in your keep deer and rabbits and other bugs from eating your plants never thought of trying it here

  27. Aluminum foil doesnt work…ive tried it!

  28. I have tried every one of these time and time again along with several others and nothing works when you live in the country! Except lots of wild cats if you like cats.

  29. Crushed light bulb mix with peanut butter put it near hole gets read of rats and mice.


  31. Ants hate cinnamon! I used it to keep ants out of my animal food in my shed. Worked perfectly

  32. Ants you should use vinegar and baking soda mixed together and make a paste and leave little chunks of baking soda and they will bring the baking soda to their nest and die. It will leave a paste but u clean your floors after and your good.

  33. Fox urine is the best ive used it for the 3 yrs ive had my camper and not one crittee has entered u spray around the whole under carriage and perimeter on the ground u wont be dissappointed i use it in a spray bottle and we havent had a one yet .

  34. How to keep chipmunks away. They are under my deck

  35. We just left the dealership having bought our first camper. The recommendation for keeping mice/squirrels and such at bay was to put a very few drops of coyote urine around outside places every month or so where creatures could sneak in!!

  36. I have tried this and the little guys ate the irish spring soap and nested in the bounce sheets. The next year, I tried the cotton balls with the peppermint oil and I even haf bowls of cloves lying in the problem areas – they nested with the cotton balls.

    I have no idea what to do this year!!!

  37. Be careful it might be a cat trying to keep warm. And if you start the engine it would kill it. Bang on the hood before you get in the car to start it

  38. I used dryer sheets in my camper. Works great.

  39. Ant bait Terro brand took care of kitchen ants within 48 hrs. I watched them entering the clear tunnels and working away within the enclosure and then as if by magic, they were just Gone.

  40. I had a mouse in my car i put down a glue trap under the seat and caught it but then i got another one so i tried it again and he peeled himself off of it so that is also a hit or miss idea.

  41. Can you leave it through the winter or will they melt and cause moisture and then mold?

  42. Peppermint oil worked for me. I used it in a oil warmer and put cotton balls around and made sure to find where they were coming from and filled some holes and haven’t seen one in over a year.

  43. I have Irish Spring soap in kitchen and bath. Mice eat it like crazy in the winter.

  44. Twenty mule team borax. Speard it under the stove, fridge, on the back of the countertop and just leave it there when they pass through it the powder they clean their feet and ingest it and it dries their insides out and rhey die…. i been useing this for 35 years now and it works no roaches in the house.. works on ants also…..

  45. I hope it works too. Last winter the chipmunks ate a third of my firewall to make nests and it cost me $564.00 for repairs. Due to my health I didn’t use the car very much if at all last winter. So I’m going to try the soap and the peppermint oil. I pray it works.

  46. Try the soap

  47. I use cinnamon scented pinecones and cinnamon sticks in my tc to keep the mice out.
    I also use dryer sheets to keep wasps out of my yard decorations and bird houses.the birds don’t seem to mind the smell but the wasps stay away!

  48. Irish Spring & dryer sheets contain philanthates.
    They can destroy the central nervous system

  49. Ihave put mouse traps when l see the droppings and they don’t even touch and still saw their droppings so l took dryer sheets and added peppermint oil to them and HAVE NOT seen a mouse in the house in almost a year. I change them about every 5 weeks or so. Thank you.

  50. Critter out.

  51. The mice ate the Irish spring and left the box.

  52. We’ve tried peppermint oil, dryer sheets, a product called fresh cab (on amazon or tractor supply). None really worked. Set traps and got a few. My husband even went under the camper and filled all the holes he could find with silicone. It is never ending. So annoying.

  53. Irish Spring soap, & Paprika for ants will be tested immediately. Anything natural is better for all of us!

  54. Cat litter doesn’t work

  55. Will it work with chipmonks. We have a terrible time iththem. Our neighbors feed the birds then in the fall here come the chip monks tunneling everywhere they can.

  56. If u have a dog Do Not leave Irish Spring soap lying around. They will happily eat the whole bar and it will wipe out all bacteria in their gut, making it impossible to digest food effectively. It took us over a month to re-establish healthy bacteria in our Labrador. In the mean time she threw up undigested food daily.

  57. Buy Combat in Publix Walmart and hardware stores.Lived in Fl.over 40 years but one under the sink stove washer and in b.r. cabinets. One in closets, there’s 8 to a box for about $9.oo Get large size {all roaches fit in }Change them every 8 months and put the old ones out to the garage. Saved money on exterminators all these years.

  58. Google natural remedies for getting rid of roaches. But essential oils work peppermint and eucalyptus oils mixed together work miracles and keep the house smelling good. Only mix together in glass spray bottle will eat through plastic spray bottle

  59. Get a cat people

  60. Live on on a farm. Had mice everywhere. Got CATS. Have not had a mouse for 3 years

  61. Will using the soapbars cause issues with my indoor cat?
    This is an awesome solution, but only if it does’nt cause discomfort for my cat.

  62. Will definitely make use of the Irish Spring idea. Battling a little one now. Really focused because it got into my Chip shots. Now, it’s war!!!!!!

  63. Moth balls:put them under the trailer..not inside

  64. Glad to know this. What gets rid of ants in the spring and summer in your camper?

  65. Do you know what spiders hate? I keep catching giant wolf spiders in my garage. Now I just got one on the house.

  66. Take a 5 gallon bucket, fill it with a few inches, of water. If it is outside, in winter, add some anti freexe to it, put a soda, or beer can, with string, or rope, across the bucket. Just punch holes in the can, on each side. put the rope, or string, through, and tie on both sides, of the bucket handle, and make sure the can, can spin around. Put peanut butter, on the can, and put it, where the mice can get to it. Once the jump on the can, it spins, and they fall in the bucket, and drown. Just have to keep an eye to check it once in a while. to keep it from stinking too much.

  67. Poison is not good for other wildlife. Owls sometimes grab the mice/rats that have eaten the poison. The owls (or cats) will die a painful death.

  68. Peppermint essential oil will also keep mice away. And spiders as well. Cut up a sponge. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Add water to the sponge. Wrap in aluminium foil. Then poke holes in the aluminium foil. Check the sponges now and then and when the sponge is dry add more water and the peppermint smell comes right back!!

  69. Stabilized chlorine pucks for the pool. I store a container of stabilized chlorine pucks for the swimming pool in our garden shed. When they are there, the mice mysteriously vanished. I assume they don’t like the smell. I would NOT use for car or in house but for outdoor storage shed they work great. Very pungent smell.

  70. That’s good to know that the mice don’t like metal. I have a bunch of leftover wire mesh from another project and I would imagine it would do the same thing as steel wool. I’ll have to give it a try and see if it is as effective at keeping mice out.

  71. Get a five gallon bucket. Run a wire sraight across it at the top. Then get a empty roll of toilet paper. In the empty roll of toilet paper roll in the middle put a little peanut butter. Then run the wire through the toilet paper roll and then make sure the wire is good and hooked on the both sides. Then put about 6 in of water in the bucket. The mice will climb up to get the peanut butter and when they do the toilet paper roll will turn and they will go into the water and die.

  72. Our mice ate the Irish Spring Soap. They used the dryer sheets when they did their laundry. We had absolutely NO food in the trailer & they still made themselves at home. Tried the tire rings to block their way in but they still came in. I have had good luck so far using some battery operated ultrasonic repellers in combo with “Vehicle Protection Rodent Defense” spray on our mower engines in the barn but don’t want to spray that in the trailer. So I am using just the ultrasonic repellers in the trailer. Time will tell.

  73. Thank you for the great info, I will try the soap when I store the lawn mower s for winter.

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  75. I lived in a 3rd floor apartment, which was actually the 4th story because the parking garage was the ground floor, and I got an infestation of ants one Spring. I had used the borax and sugar mixture in my previous home with great success. But it didn’t seem to be working as well. (It takes patience as it doesn’t repel ants but is taken back to the colony and eventually kills the colony. I could only imagine the size of the ant colony under the apartment building as compared to the one located under the single story house I had had the success with borax/sugar.) I researched and read about cinnamon. The ants seemed to be coming from behind the stove. I had recently pulled the stove out and cleaned so I made a visual check for any food that may have fallen so I knew I wasn’t putting out a welcome mat. In fact other than the ant trail and the scouts that explored the places I was finding them was in my cereal box, my honey jar, and molasses bottle. I was so frustrated that when I read about the cinnamon I grabbed the big jar I had purchased from the dollar store and started shaking cinnamon behind my stove. I didn’t even bother pulling the stove out. I didn’t care where it went, the floor, the plug, everything got covered with cinnamon. I then got my homemade vinegar based cleaning spray and cleaned everywhere they were trailing. So I would know if I had any new ones. I did not see another ant ever! I left that same cinnamon behind my stove figuring it was not emitting anything poisonous to me or my food nor was it sticky or smelly. I moved 18 months later and there were still no ants. I don’t have children or pets but would not hesitate to use cinnamon if I did. As for mice I had an infestation many years ago that got so bad they wouldn’t even run if I walked into the kitchen. It was me or them and had no qualms about using poison. I put D-con mouse poison under my sink and in the back of the cabinet they seemed to like. Poof! In no time at all! No mice, no carcasses, no odors coming from the walls. We had set traps and I’ll never do that again. Fast kill? Hearing the trap snap and the mouse squealing is neither fast nor humane. Mice carry disease and/or fleas that carry disease. I would never allow my children to be exposed to the diseases rodents can carry to tiptoe around using live traps so I can take them out and release them to then become someone else’s problem. I don’t know where others put out poison but my children never went under my sink nor has a child or pet crawled up into a cabinet and then bypassed everything to get to any poison. The anticoagulant I understand the fear of another animal eating the mouse who had eaten the anticoagulant. But I can’t see a problem there either. First the bait is laced with it. And one mouse doesn’t eat that much at one feeding. We see the damage of their gnawing and gathering nesting material. But if they’ve eaten our food it is just a small amount. A teaspoon of grain? Any animal that may come around and eat that mouse is a lot bigger and the amount in the mouse just doesn’t seem to be enough to harm a larger animal. If you read about the diseases mice can bring into your home you might be looking at safe places to set out poisons. But prevention is best and steel wool is cheap and safe. But in your research into mice you will learn they can get through a 1/4″ space. And scent repellents, dryer sheets, mint, soap, etc. Are only deterrents. If you put any in an area that is warm and dry (warm by mouse standards not yours) and is a source of food and water or close to a source, there will be a couple of mice who will tolerate the odor and move right in. But if you agree or disagree before you do anything do your research. Read about the life cycles, habits, abilities (squeezing through 1/4″!), everything about mice. Read Wikipedia and 2 or 3 others. There are pest control companies and university extensions that have excellent articles online. 3 or 4 are needed but anymore is usually repetitive. And if you want to reply and tell me how wrong I am I won’t be reading it. Besides I will not convince you and you will not convince me. I am 70 and very healthy and besides my friends and I drank water from the garden hose all summer every summer for probably 6 or 7 summers.

  76. I love the camper. It is SOOO cute

  77.    My favorite hack for dryer sheets came from a car dealer in town. One of their clients had several costly repairs from mice eating the new wire coverings that were delicious, environmentally improved material. 
       Once they tucked Bounce dryer sheets in the car that weren’t exposed to heat, the problem was solved.
       So, inside the car and engine work great. 
    Do you have a brand preference?  He said Bounce.
    Love all  Your ideas. And now Irish Spring! Cool. 
         Thanks, Vickie