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How to keep Mice out of Campers

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I’m not sure if you have ever dealt with a mouse problem in your home or RV, but those little guys can be a huge problem and we gathered up the best ideas for how to keep mice out of campers, garages, and houses. This is by far one of the cheapest (and most cruelty-free) method to keep the critters away. No need for traps!

We love to camp and this 1976 Scotty trailer was our first camper. We have made so many awesome memories in this cute little thing. Honestly, I’m not the camping type so my husband has always tried to glam it up a bit to keep me interested in going on our camping trips. One thing that is a sure way of keeping me away is critters in the camper!

Now that Fall is here, mice will find their way into RV’s, homes, and garages to keep warm so now’s the time to use one of these ideas to keep them out of your living space.

1976 Scotty Trailer - Camping Hacks

How to keep Mice out of Campers

Place a bar or two of Irish Spring soap in your trailer. Critters absolutely hate the strong smell of the soap, and will stay far away from it. You can also leave the bars of soap in your garage, basement, or anywhere else you suspect pests are hiding…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!

Place dryer sheets in areas that you suspect critters to enter or hide. Be sure to change the dryer sheets every few weeks to keep the scent strong enough to keep them away…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!

Soak cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them in suspected areas…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!Moth balls are also a good idea. I personally do not prefer to use this, but others do not mind the smell…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!

Here are some other ways to keep the mice away…

Steel Wool – covering holes that mice can get through, they don’t like the metal.

Aluminum Foil – blocking passages.

Wall plug-in

Keeping areas clean and tidy will really help giving critters no areas to hide in. Also making sure all food is put away and sealed.


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Irish spring soap Doesn’t work.Laundry room soap bar with teeth Mark’s in it.They ate it.Live traps check daily works best!

Same here! They ate the peppermint tea bags also along with most of the green poison blocks… peanut butter and baking soda they eat it too I haven’t noticed any reduction in numbers. The bucket trap seems highly effective, hope it keeps up.

Irish spring soap does by no means repel mice in RV’s. I have not had to much problems using dryer sheets. After reading about mice hating the strong smell from Irish spring soap thought we’d try it leaving a good smelling RV come spring. Everywhere (numerous places) where the soap was there was mouse droppings. There were even signs of them gnawing on the soap. I would never try or recommend using Irish Spring soap to repel and keep mice away.

Irish Spring soap and dryer sheets DO NO WORK! We quartered bars of the soap and placed them through out our 30ft camper that is parked at a camp grounds, along with dryer sheets. The MICE actually SAT ON THE DRYER SHEETS AND NIBBLED ON THE SOAP QUARTERS!!

Have you ever tried the peppermint oil 

I tried Irish Spring soap and the mice made a banquet out of it and brought their friends to join in the feast!!!

What I found works pretty well is peppermint and also scented cinnamon pine cones. I am now growing peppermint and harvesting it in the fall, crushing it up and making little sachets to spread around the camper inside. I put moth ball outside under the camper.

I personally have used cotton balls and peppermint oil as a deterrent for mice. I use a half pint canning jar, poke holes in the lid and put 3-4 cotton balls in the jar. Then put 3 drops of essential peppermint oil on each cotton ball. This is safe for pets as long as you only use 3 drops per cotton ball. Then place the jars around the house or camper where you have seen mice or their droppings. I have found that this does work. 

One drop of chocolate syrup upon the mouse trap and IF the mouse is lucky it will get the treat. Most of the time the mice caught this way only managed to get their little mouth around the trip lever – and that was that. 

I always like the many ideas people have, so I’ll be trying those dryer sheets. Another way to keep mice away is go to a pet store and ask for some shredded skin from snakes. The will stay away bcuz mice know this is 1 predator that moves like them. There’s no escape from snakes. This worked great when I had an attic apt. Mice have a flexible bone skeleton, they can come in holes the size of a quarter if determined. 

My husband had a small camper in the woods, found a 4 foot long snakeskin, still had mice in his camper!

The mice at my place love Irish Spring.  They eat it.

Maybe they die later after they’ve eaten it and it’s foaming in their insides!!!

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