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Vlasic Making Real Pickle Chips Is In The Works

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For those of you who love pickles, you are going to be thrilled. Vlasic is now making pickle chips made out of real pickles!

Vlasik Pickle Chips

photos via Vlasik/Excalibur

Vlasic Pickle Chips

One of the top pickle producing companies is Vlasic and is now in the process of making these pickle chips.

Pickles are a very nice snack to eat during the day. They don’t have many carbs or calories. However, eating them out of the jar can be very messy and not fun. That is why they are inventing pickle chips!

Two New Pickle Snacks

According to USA Today, At a convention on Investor Day, Tom McGough, Conagra co-chief operating officer, announced two new pickle snacks. Vlasic will be making single-serve pickle slices along with vacuum-fried pickle chips. McGough also shared how delicious they are.

You either love pickles or hate them. Many absolutely love them and crave snacks made with pickles. That is nothing new. There have been sunflower seeds and potato chips pickled flavored.

Different than Before

Lays recently released a pickled flavor potato chips; however, those were made with potatoes and not real pickles. Vlasic will be making them with actual pickles.

While there is talk about producing these chips, there is still no release date set as of right now. All we can do is hope that they will be out in stores soon so we can try out these delicious new snacks!

While you are waiting for the release of these Vlasik Pickles, you can make your own pickle chips using this method from Excalibur found HERE!

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I absolutely love Valasic original dill pickles. I want to try these! My mouth is watering.

Cant wait to see these. Have been buying the potatoe ones but will definitely try these.

Holy cow, I can’t wait.

Sooooo excited for these!!! I eat pickles on a daily basis….fill are my favorite.  Then when the pickles are gone, I drink the juice or make a salad dressing using the juice. 

How much sodium will it have. I love pickles but have to watch my sodium.

When and where will these be sold?

I wonder if they have potato flavored pickle chips?!   

Are you going to make bread & butter chips

I saw this ad over 6 months ago. When are they coming out?

I’ve been waiting to see these on shelves got over a year when I first heard about them…
but still …no pickle chips…

We’re excited about this as my husband is allergic to potatoes. It will be a great new treat if there is no potato, or potato starch in them. We will watch for them in our stores.

Are these Vlasic pickle chips only available in the U.S.? I’m in Canada – they sound great!

Yummy.. Can’t wait.  Love your pickles..


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