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Watch Santa and His Reindeer Live at The North Pole

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Can you believe Christmas is almost here already? Only a couple of weeks left, and I am so excited! My kids can hardly wait as well. I have found the perfect thing to make your kids ecstatic: you can now watch Santa and his reindeer live at the north pole!

Reindeer Cam

Watch Santa and His Reindeer

I knew when I found this website, I had to share it with you all. It is seriously amazing. Won’t your kids love the fact that they can watch Santa and his reindeer live at the north pole?

This will help them to believe and bring the magic of Christmas. We all could use more magic this time of year, especially this year.

On this live video, you will see Santa feed his reindeer and play with them. He will also read stories to you. You can even just simply watch the reindeer play on their own, sleep, and get ready for Christmas.

The best thing about this live video is that it is absolutely free to watch! If you want, you can donate to Santa, and then you will have unlimited access to all of his videos. You can donate as little as $5.00 if you would like, again totally optional.

You can even put your child’s name on the ‘nice list’ and it will pop up during the live video too! What better way to help them to stay nice and good on the days leading up to Christmas with Santa telling them they are nice!

Where to Watch

You can watch the live video of Santa and his reindeers with two different methods.

First, you can watch from Facebook Live. Or, they have a Reindeer Cam website as well. On their website, you will have access to donate if you please, and see all of Santa’s videos.

Who is going to show their kids this live video of Santa and his reindeer today? I know I am!

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