Would Your Family Rock These Christmas Outfits for Your Holiday Cards?

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Do you love matching your family, especially for some beautiful Christmas cards? I do love color coordinating for sure, but i’m pretty positive my family wouldn’t go for these Christmas Smocked outfits What do you think? Would your family rock these outfits for your holiday cards?


Smockingbird Children’s Clothing began with Anna Shuford and Parmalee Miller created these smocked dresses. It was mainly for laughs, but to their surprise, they sold out! So they began to create more and turned it into a business.

They first began with Smocked Cocktail Dresses. Because they immediately sold out, they made holiday-themed dresses too! From there, they created outfits for the entire family to enjoy!

You can view their Family Smock Outfits HERE.

Women can enjoy a dress with a very hulky Santa Claus! Men have a similar design but in overalls instead.

They even have matching Christmas pajamas!

Would you wear these Christmas outfits with your family? Let me know!

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