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You Can Get a Tutu for Your Chicken

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Do you have a chicken or want one? I just found out that you can get a tutu for your chicken and it is the best thing ever!

Chicken Tutu

image via Pranovo/Amazon

Chicken Tutus

There are a wide variety of chicken tutus on Amazon. I never heard of them before, but apparently, it is a real thing.

If you search #chickentutu on Instagram, you will find a bunch of amazing pictures and they are just so adorable. This is the next best thing.

The best part is that both of them ship free for prime members and usually under $20. Another great impulse buy you will love forever!

Check out this adorable Patriotic Chicken Tutu

Patriotic Chicken Tutu

Make sure to also grab a chicken harness so you can take your chicken on a walk and flaunt their new style!


image via ThimbleWorks

How do they Work?

These are actually handmade chicken tutus from a seller on Amazon. They use elastic straps with soft fabric and tulle netting. That way it protects your hen’s back and wings, and also allows for feather growth.

These chicken tutus come with two buckles and elastic so you can attach them to your chicken safely. These will not hurt your chicken. Most even enjoy it!


Here are what some of the reviews are saying about these cute tutus:

Jane shared, “Got this as a gag gift for my 10 yo daughter. She loved it! The chicken does not seem bothered at all. It is easy to get on and off and she looks beautiful as you can see 🤣. The Buff Orpington actually seems to like it. Gently grooming and fluffing her new ‘feathers.'”

Angel agrees: “Super cute and well made. Wish it came in other colors.”

Aren’t these so adorable and would make the perfect gift for gags or chicken lovers! Who is going to get one?

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