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Your Daughter Needs An Aunt in Her Life

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A mother is often the most important role in their daughter’s life, and likely so. However, your daughter needs to have an aunt in her life. Aunts have a powerful role in their niece’s life as well. Aunts offer a role sometimes a mom cannot have.

Why Aunts are important for raising Daughters

The Beginning

As you start the journey with your daughter, they will look up to you. You will be their role model. They will want to be just like you when they grow up.

Take this time to nurture them and strengthen this relationship. Your impact is irreplaceable and highly important. You can teach them many important and necessary things they will remember for the rest of their lives during this period of time.


However, there comes a time when your daughter will likely pull away. When they become teenagers, they don’t want to be like you anymore. They will start to not trust you or listen to what you say. It can be a very difficult time, for both of you.

It will hurt when you notice this start to happen; however, sometimes it is necessary for their growth and development. You will start to realize that, even though you may want to, you, unfortunately, can’t always be there for your daughter like you want to.

While she may not listen to you, she still needs adult guidance, especially at this age. This is where aunts come into play.

Aunt Time

Studies have shown that aunts play an important role, just like moms. During this stage of life, girls are more likely to listen to their aunts and follow what they say.

Girls need other adults to look up to besides their parents. Aunts, as well as uncles, can be great role models. As a teenager, they need someone to turn to when it comes to how they look and view themselves. Aunts are a great person to turn to instead of social media.

Now, aunts do not have to be technically blood-related. They can be any female who is a positive role model for your daughter. Aunts are considered someone around your age and are close to you and your family.

In order to have this strong needed bond during their teens years, you have to develop some sort of relationship from the beginning.

Be around them as a child, when they are older, around 8-10 years old, start taking them out to eat or get their nails done. Spending time with them when they are younger, you will start to become a role model.

Then, when they reach that critical age, they will still go out with you and share things with you. Your daughter needs an aunt during that stage of life, even when you are there for her. What better person than someone you love and trust.

Find those women in your life as soon as you have a daughter. Start building those relationships with each other. That way, you will know your daughter is safe and in good hands even if she may turn away from you for a season.

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