10 Laundry Hacks That You Probably Never Knew

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Whether you love doing laundry, or you see it as the worst chore ever, these unusual laundry hacks could be game-changing for you.

To make laundry day even easier, make sure you have all these things in your laundry room. It’ll help you save oodles of time!

10 Laundry Hacks

Best Laundry Hacks

1. Cola gets rid of blood stains.

Everyone should keep a bottle of cola in their laundry room. Soak a blood-stained fabric in it and watch the stain fade away.

Best Laundry Hacks

2. Artificial sweetener gets out grease.

There is nothing quite as aggravating as finding a spot of grease on your favorite shirt.

From pizza grease to bacon grease and everything in between, a sprinkle of an artificial sweetener will remove it.

Blot, blot, blot until the evidence of your french fry addiction is gone!

3. Shampoo is just the thing for ring around the collar.

It will make short order of the body oils that have collected around the collar of your shirt.

4. Dryer sheets are not necessarily the best solution for clingy clothes.

You can use a balled up piece of aluminum foil in the dryer to get rid of static. It really works!

5. This is how you can stop folding socks.

Every member of the family needs their own lingerie bag so that they can put all their dirty socks inside.

The bag goes through the wash and the dryer without losing a single sock.

Even better, it keeps all those socks together so that when it comes out of the dryer, you can give it back to the owner so they can put them away.

6. A clean, dry towel shortens drying time.

Always pop one in with the laundry you put in the dryer. It soaks up water and makes the time you have to dry much shorter.

Tip: Don’t use a white towel. It might leave fuzz all over your clothes.

Best Laundry Hacks

7. Salt saves.

It’s awful to have gorgeous new clothes only to have the washer fade the colors. Ugh!

Try adding a half cup of salt to the wash to help minimize fading.

8. Vinegar over dryer sheets for towels.

Dryer sheets aren’t doing any favors for your towels. They sort of destroy their absorbency.

It’s best to wash your towels with vinegar that you’ve put in the fabric softener cup. Towels definitely don’t need dryer sheets.

9. Use your washer as a whiteboard.

If your kids are old enough to do their own laundry, you can leave them notes on the lid of the washing machine to remind them what goes together and what temperature to use.

Pick up a marker that easily wipes off a whiteboard and you’re all set.

Best Laundry Hacks

10. Asprin for Whites

Throw in a handful of Aspirin with your next load of whites instead of using bleach. The Aspirin will help to remove yellow sweat stains and brighten up all of your clothing.

Have you tried any of these unusual laundry hacks?

Which ones do you love? Do you have others you’d tell me about? I’m always on the lookout for awesome ways to make life a little easier.

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11 comments on “10 Laundry Hacks That You Probably Never Knew”

  1. I knew about the salt trick, but I use a half cup of soda. It does the same thing but not as expensive. I learned a lot from this.
    Thank you for taking the time to post it.

    1. Have you ever seen what it does to an old penny? Throw a penny in a small glass of coke let it soak 15 hrs or overnight …..then remove it & rinse…

  2. My son is a mechanic and his clothes are always layered in Grease, paint, dirt and oils. Throw in a dishwasher pod ( cheapest variety) along with your detergent and fabric softener. It will remove every stain. You’ll be amazed, quite remarkable I’ve been doing this for years. It works on absolutely everything.

  3. I haven’t used bleach for whites in years, can’t stand the smell of it and it’s toxic.    Have never tried the aspirin, but I have used peroxide in with the whites, seems to work pretty good.

  4. Color code the head of safety pins and pin socks together this way you won’t ever loose your socks again It works great.

  5. I always use white vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser for all of the loads. Every load, every time.
    Keeps the washer from smelling moldy.

  6. Rosemary Degenhardt

    Tips for towels…favorite help!! Vinegar in the wash. No dryer sheets for towels. All ten tips are great. Thank you!!

  7. Elena Andrade

    I use fantastic spray, Lysol or vinegar  winded to get rid of deodorant and on collars stains before puting  cloth in the washing machine

  8. I have always used vinegar on my towels and sheets. It keep them soft & get rid of the musk smell.